Monday, July 30, 2007

Thomas and His Friends

Cade loves Thomas the Tank Engine. When I say love, I mean Thomas is part of our family. If Cade ever talks to anyone on the phone he is sure to tell them all about the latest adventures of Thomas and his friends. The other day Kevin got Cade a new train - James, the red train. This train holds a special place in Cade's heart. I think it might be because he has an Uncle James and a friend named James. These pictures are of Cade watching his new movie James Goes Buzz Buzz. He wants to watch this movie every moment of every day!
The picture below is Cade watching the part in the movie when James gets stung by a bee right on his nose and the other trains call him James The Rednosed Train. Obviously, Cade is very bothered by this.


The Blakes

I love the expression on his face! So concerned!

Blinzinger Family

So cute! Good capture of his concerned expression.


Yes I have to agree that James is by far the coolest train of them all. First of all, he's red, a cool color, and, well, James is his FAVORITE Uncle. No doubt about that....Cade is a cool kid. He knows what's up.

Jill Manning

He definetly does not like anyone making fun of his James, the red train! What a great moment to capture, I love it!


that face is so cute! It's funny how many phases these boys go through. :) Jace has moved on from the "Cars" stage onto the "Truck" phase. Anything trucks or tractors, these days, he's in love!

Haws Family

I don't know Jamie that James would be his FAVORITE uncle- but he is a lot of fun! :-) It's so cute his fascination with trains!


James is shockingly not my James favorite train. He laughs to himself when they sing their somewhat annoying songs. Like it is a good joke they named and engine after him, but he will always love Thomas first.