Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Card Picture Rejects

This year I was pretty unsuccessful at capturing a good Christmas card picture of the kids to send out. But in the process I was able to capture the fun and loving relationship Cade and Myla have. So even though these are the reject pics, they are my favorites. So consider this your Christmas card. :)

They started out holding hands, but then started swinging around.
Of course Myla fell down, but Cade was right there to pick her up...
and then give her hugs to make it better.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Counting Down to Christmas

It's officially December!! Hooray! I found this really fun idea on how to countdown to Christmas. It's basically an advent calendar, with colorful homemade envelopes instead! Inside each envelope is a Christmas-y activity. Check out the full instructions at this awesome site. Today Cade took down the first envelope and we read it together. The activity was to reflect on our blessings and hang up the pretty ceiling ornaments that are a tradition in Kevin's mom's family.
The kids loved hanging them up. Daddy would lift them up to stick it to the ceiling then they would blow on them to watch them dance.
After we had them all hung up Kevin turned on the ceiling fan and we watched them all dance together. I love having these up. It makes the house feel so festive.