Friday, May 30, 2008

Build-a-Bear Birthday

Myla's 2nd birthday isn't until June, but since there will be a lot going on then we wanted to celebrate her birthday a little early. We went to Build-a-Bear. We took Cade there on his second birthday too, so I suppose it's becoming a family tradition. We had a lot of fun!

Myla chose a white and pink bear and loved it right away.
After the bear was stuffed, (complete with a heart kissed by Myla) Daddy, Cade and Myla gave the bears a bath.
Then we picked out a cute dress to put on the bear.
Daddy and Myla registered the bear and got it's birth certificate. What did we name her? Zoey. Myla says her name so cute. "Ozey."
Zoey got her own little house and Myla was able to carry her home. Myla loves her already and is asleep in her crib with her arm around Zoey. Happy early Birthday baby girl!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 Days and Counting

After 9 months of waiting I can hardly believe we are down to SIX days until baby #3 makes his/her grand entrance into the world! June 4th at 3:00pm is the magic time. We've put off a lot of things that I probably would have had done at month 6 with the other two choosing a name, packing for the hospital, preparing the bassinet. Only in the past couple of days have we really gotten to work on these (although no official names have been chosen).

This morning sweet Annie from my ward came over and played with the kids for two hours while I got a ton of cleaning done. She was heaven-sent, for sure! It was so nice to clean without having to take away cleansers, share the vaccuum and broom (the kids love to help vaccuum and sweep, which is great; it just takes three times as long), and pick up the toy I had just put away 3 seconds ago. Annie took them outside to play and they loved her! Thank you!
And then I was also able to pack for the hospital (for the baby, anyway). This picture makes me giggle a little. I love that I have to pack both pink and blue for the hospital!

Memorial Weekend Fun

This past weekend was full of busyness and fun. On Saturday my Mom came to babysit the kids because Kevin had a meeting at the same time I was teaching my last English class at IQ Abacus for this semester. The kids always love having grandma babysit. And then, because I've been craving Mexican food like crazy lately...
she took us to eat at Garcias. Yummy!
On Monday we had a BBQ/water park fun at the Webb's house. Is this the coolest set-up ever?! The kids love it. They spent all afternoon playing in the water and going down the slides. Kevin couldn't resist joining in on the fun either.
Myla and Emma. See any family resemblance? Bradley shooting the water gun.
Myla and DaddyMy littlest brother Jacob showing off his muscles.
Cade going down the slide.
The kids beating up on Uncle Kevin.Con-Con enjoying the fun.Jared and Breck playing.
Thanks James and Jamie for hosting us. We had a great time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

so what do the McMillans do to amuse ourselves? We go "climbing" of course (well, Kevin and the kids do anyway). This is our version of extreme sports. We have a storage area up in our room above the closet and bathroom that has become the "rock wall." Kevin makes harnesses out of rope for the kids. Kevin has taught Cade how to clip in to the carabiner and say, "On belay" and "Belay on" to get ready to climb. (I think that's how you spell it. I'm not up-to-date on the climbers lingo.)
Kevin hoisting Cade up.
Myla helping Daddy pull Cade up.
Cade is looking at himself in the mirror. He loves doing this.
He even likes to rappel up the wall.
Myla got her first turn last night. Kevin had to put a pair of his socks on her legs to keep the rope from chafing her legs.
So, of course, Cade had to put on a pair of Daddy's socks too. So stylish!
Myla trying to get the hang of holding on to the rope. They did it! They made it to the top.

Kevin is a pretty creative dad. This is an activity I would never have thought of, but the kids love it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Rain

It's raining. Right now. As I type. The windows are open so I can feel the breeze and smell the rain. It's been awhile since it's rained here. It's a nice treat.
I know that blogs about weather are fairly boring. But especially for those of you not living in AZ, the weather this week has been C-R-A-Z-Y! This past Monday (as in 3 days ago) it was a blazing 110 degrees. Today the forecasted high is 85 (although it's 1:00 and only 73 degrees). And tomorrow the forecasted high is 72 degrees. The high! 72 degrees! That's almost a 40 degree drop in high temperatures in 5 days. Insane. But I'll take it. We do insane pretty well around the McMillan house.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Lil' Graduate

Today Cade graduated from Miss Maren's Monkeys Preschool.
The kids performed songs they learned in class. Actually, Cade just stood there with his fingers in his mouth while everyone else sang. It was pretty funny.
Cade and Seth waiting for the program to begin.
Cade receiving his diploma, yearbook and a great big hug from Miss Maren.
Cade, the graduate.
It was an especially great day because Daddy was able to come!
The McMillan FamilyCute Cade
We want to send out a huge thank you to Maren (aka. Mimi, BFF, apron dork). She is adored by everyone in the McMillan family. She is so patient and loving with these kids. They all know she loves them and they can't wait to see her and spend time with her. We are so glad she was Cade's first teacher. We have seen awesome growth in him this year that Kevin and I attribute to Maren and her preschool. He can write his name, he knows his letters, numbers, and shapes and the sounds to all the letters of the alphabet. He loves to learn and sing songs and read books together. He has made great friends at preschool and is constantly talking about James, Seth, Jace, and Elliot. He now knows how to burp on command, stick out his tongue when taking pictures, and throw up bumble bees. Most importantly, we've watched Cade come out of his shell and become his own little person. Thanks Miss Maren!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Where the Boys Are

I read this article in Wondertime Magazine while waiting for my doctor appointment last week. I laughed throughout the whole thing...I'm sure the other women waiting thought I was losing my mind. But it's funny because it's true--raising my son, but mostly growing up with 4 brothers have taught me this. If you have a minute read it, especially those with sons.
Where the Boys Are
Written By Jacquelyn Mitchard
Raising five (five!) sons! It's not pretty. But it is pretty great.

Don't try to mess with me. I'm the equivalent of a 30-year beat cop or a career fighter pilot. I have five sons.And I'm here to tell you the truth about those blue-ribbon babies. They really aren't just like girls in most essential ways. While they sometimes seem to have the emotional range of single-celled organisms, boys can be moved to tears by anything involving a dog. But they're unmoved by the tears you shed when you find the cupboard drawer containing the half-eaten pudding (the fossilized pizza, the Oreo pucks).

And it's not only boyfriends or husbands who loathe and fear the words, "We need to talk." Sons do too. Male humans, in my experience, will begin answering questions with monosyllables as soon as they can make disgusting sounds, which is almost immediately. Making those disgusting sounds will serve as an endless source of amusement to them and their friends for at least the next 20 years.

My friends and I came up with an essential test regarding the difference between boys and girls: It's called the Wet Paint Paradigm. Girls, it seems, can learn from their own experiences and even, occasionally, from others'. However, if a boy sees a sign that reads Wet Paint, he'll touch the wall to determine it's not a joke, and then his friend — standing right behind him — will have to perform the same test with his own finger. Boys are not dumber than girls. They simply have a rugged and individualistic sense of discovery and wonder, untrammeled by prior evidence.
A boy's got to do it his own way. The sooner a mother learns this, the less time she'll spend on futile interventions and headache medication.

You can raise your son any way you want to and, the first chance he gets, he's still going to burp the national anthem. You can raise your son as a Quaker, a vegan, or a pagan; he's still going to fight with his brother over an unused pen cap as though it were the Star of India.

You can kiss him every night and sing to him of milkweed and nightingales and give him his own doll and play kitties with him instead of Navy SEALs. Go ahead. He's still going to make a gun from a toaster waffle and fire it across the table — even if he's never seen a gun that didn't squirt water and wasn't shaped like a caterpillar. If you are quiet and have the patience of Job, as my friend Pam has with her son Carter, who's 4, your son will still emit shrieks that can make a dog pass out, while running through the house whipping a metal tape measure around his head.
All this may smack of gender bias. But I know and you know that it is only the unvarnished truth. In their preverbal (and postcollegiate) years, a boy will crawl under anything, fall off anything, roll over anything, kick anything. He will chew with his mouth open while tipping his chair on its back legs as soon as his legs are long enough to do the tipping.

My boys also have the sex-linked trait for absolute single-mindedness. Long after my daughters have given in and asked for crayons or a board game, my sons will keep looking out at the still-snowless mudslide and insist, "You said we were going sledding!" And they will sled — down the stairs (I have a long mirror that hid a large hole in the wallboard as evidence) or through the mud over rocks (I have a toboggan that looks like the prop from Ethan Frome).

Remove whatever is on the Y chromosome and you just may eliminate most of the crime and most of the comedy on earth, but I'm not sure the latter would be worth the former. I'm heavily invested in that Y. My life without my sons would be a haven of peaceful and predictable days and nights. Who wants that? My daughters make sense. My sons make nonsense. They say things with such righteous absurdity that it's impossible to stay angry. To quote Marty: "The hamburger meat is in the cupboard because the refrigerator was full!" At dinner when he was small, my Dan dipped dandelion petals in his milk and ate them. Asked why, he explained, "Otherwise, I can't stand the taste of the dandelions."

I love my boys for their pure sense of mayhem. As I was writing this, Will approached his sister with safety scissors and was narrowly diverted from cutting off her 22-inch ponytail, as 2-year-old Atticus shouted, "Go! Go!" He wasn't being particularly malicious. He just thought it would be interesting to test the limits of the scissors (and his sister).

Heed this furthermore: My sons are considered good, at least by Nanny 911 standards. They've never seriously damaged anyone or anything. Okay, maybe the toboggan. And the wall. But nothing important.

And when they are tender, no one can more thoroughly make putty of my heart. Their valentines are smudged with glue and feature not flowers and hearts, but bats or brachio-saurs. Yet those dinosaurs are giving me the same moony grin my sons give when they catch sight of me — even as they attempt to balance their sister on a stack of 12 cardboard blocks balanced on a stack of folding chairs. So what would I do without my built-in gladiator-and-standup show? After I was widowed, being a single mom to three boys made me strong — literally and spiritually. When I remarried, along with my girls, our family got two more little men. When 4-year-old Will says, "You are prettiest mom on the world," I think, so what if my window screens will do nothing in the way of actual screening for the next 15 years — this because my boys consider screens the expedient alternative to a doorknob? My sons have made me crazy. But they've given me permission to be crazy too. As surely as my two daughters found a room in my spirit and inhabited it totally, the boys knocked down the walls and enlarged the whole place.

Note: Jacquelyn Mitchard cautions the parents of sons to put aside $100 a month for college and $1,000 a month for ankle casts, carpet cleaning, and little metal cars.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a Week!

This past week has been crazy busy...getting ready for baby, Mother's day, etc. etc. I have been incredibly blessed this week with my wonderful family and fantastic friends.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:00 AM to see Kevin and Maren standing in my room looking down at me (I'm on an air mattress on the ground, for comfort). Maren orders me to get up and get dressed (did I mention it was 7:00 in the morning?). I did as I was told and we left for breakfast at T.C. Eggington's where other wonderful friends were waiting for me. They were celebrating baby with me (since I demanded no shower). We had a fabulous breakfast and they even brought diapers and baby detergent. So sweet! Thank you for getting up so early on a Saturday!
After breakfast I discovered the fun was not over. Maren took me to get a pedicure. We did a little shopping while waiting for the salon to open. It was my first pedicure you can imagine how needed it was. My pregnant, swollen feet loved it. Thank you so much Mar!!
Mother's day was quite the fiasco...but a wonderful learning experience for me. It seemed that nothing could really go right and while I was in the middle of feeling sorry for myself I realized that Mother's day really isn't about me having the perfect day. It's about celebrating motherhood. I am so grateful for my mothers and other women in my life who have nurtured me. I am incredibly grateful to be a mother. It has been the greatest blessing in my life. I feel very fulfilled being a mom. Kevin has made it so easy for me to be a mom. Because Mother's day wasn't everything we thought it'd be he stayed home Monday morning to make me a wonderful breakfast and help with the kids. He is so thoughtful!
Yesterday my cerclage was removed, which means the baby can come at anytime and it will be okay. The c-section is scheduled for June 4th or June 6th, so hopefully we can make it until then. I know, usually women are like, "Get this baby out of me!" I'm not so ready yet. It's not that I am loving being pregnant, we just have a lot to do to get prepared. However, I am very, very excited to meet this little person! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. It's quite an exciting time!
And, of course, we have to have a little American Idol love. The final three sang tonight and I am definitely for David Cook. He has always been one of my favorites, but I found tonight that I am always excited to hear him sing, whereas I don't feel the same about the others. He's got my vote!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kid Time

This is Cade two years ago doing some edible fingerpainting (pudding and food coloring).
My poor kids. We used to do fun things together, but lately PBS and Disney have become their best friends and I have been content to lay on the couch and watch them watch the TV. I can blame it on the pregnancy and probably get away with it, but it doesn't take away the nagging guilt I feel when I look at the clock and see that it's noon and the TV has been on for four hours. So, in my desire to stimulate Cade and Myla in other ways I have found some awesome websites/blogs that allow me and the kids to be creative, in easy and cheap ways. I just wanted to to share a few.

(A Children's Craft Collective)

(The title says it all!)

(If you get the magazine you know that it is a great resource. The website has even more info.)

(Also great for church helps.)

(Great ideas!)

(Ideas and Crafty Tidbits)