Monday, July 9, 2007

Partners in Crime

Since the day Cade was born he and Jared (my sister's son) have been inseparable. They are 3 months apart and are like brothers. Nicki babysat Cade when I went back to work, so she is like a second mom to Cade. Jared and Cade act like brothers in every sense, they play with each other, they fight with each other, and they love each other. Here are a couple of pics of them during the past 3 years: Cade: 1 1/2 months, Jared: 4 months
Jared: 10 months, Cade: 7 months
Jared: 1 year, Cade 10 months
They loved watching TV. Still do!

Both: about 1 1/2 years old Playing in the dog cage. They could play in this for hours!
Cade: 2 1/2 years, Jared: 3 years Superboys! I just took this on Saturday. They both love Superman.

We are lucky to have so many wonderful cousins in our family!!


Blinzinger Family

Those pictures are soooo cute. I wish Livvy's cousins lived close so she had a buddy! She has 2 cousins who's b-days are within months of hers but becuz of distance she doesn't get to hang with them often.
LOVE your blog!! (have i said that already?)

Jay and Kerry

It's so funny that Cade still looks exactly the same in his face and has only grown in his body! He's so cute!


AWWWWW they are just sooooooo cute. Partners in Crime I love the header.

Haws Family

Awe~ what an adorable post! They are so cute, aren't they! I'm so happy they have eachother, I know Jared REALLY loves his Aunt "TITI" and cousin Cade! Thanks for giving him his SuperMan Shirt, he loves it and wants to wear it everyday!


That is so cute!!! They'll be best buds for life! Jace has a cousin a little younger than him but of course he's ten times bigger than him. We always joke that Jace will be the quarterback and William will be the linebacker. It's so nice to have cousins around. :)

The McMillans

How awesome to be raising your children together, and that they are so close to each other. I love those pictures, you have captured so many great moments. I can't wait to see what the future holds with that SLR camera of yours.


Good words.