Monday, July 23, 2007

Myla Walking & Cade Talking

Here is a video I took today of Cade and Myla. Myla is now walking a lot. In fact, she hardly crawls at all! She loves keeping up with Cade and seems to be a much happier little girl now that she can walk around and do everything Cade does. Today we caught her standing on top of Cade's big car that he rides around. She fell off and bumped her head on the rocking chair. She didn't even cry, she just got right back up there. It's so much fun to have two walkers now. Check back in a story may change. :)


The Earls

That is such a precious video. It was fun to see how much your kids are growing.

The Blakes

So fun! And I love Myla's wardrobe - you've always got her dressed to the nines!

Haws Family

Oh, that was so cute! I love Cade saying his name- and I can't believe how sturdy she got on her feet in just a few days! What a bunch of cuties!

The McMillans

That is absolutely so sweet, Aiden watched it with me, 5 times and keeps asking for more tade! And lala wasks, (walks). Thank you for sharing that with us! You are such a great mom!


How cute is Myla's outfit. Wow super cute. Listen to Cade talk . He has such a darling little voice. Sorry I have been so bad at writing comments but I love looking at your blog all the time. I still feel like trash and as soon as I feel better I swear I will do better on writing comments. Like always I love your blog!!