Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Princess Turns 4

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is my baby...who isn't such a baby anymore! Gavin turned the big 2 recently and we had a great time celebrating him.

A few tidbits about Gavin:
* He is so independent. We have to keep a really good eye on this kid because he just wants to run. He doesn't really care if mom or dad is around. He's outta here.
* Gavin doesn't really say much yet. But he definitely knows how to communicate. He says a few words on his own: down, no, stop, mama, cheese. You know, all the important words. But mostly we hear: na na na na na. Gavinese.
* Gavin loves his brother and sister. Anything they are doing he wants to be doing. It's sweet. And they are so good about playing with him.
* We've been doing Mommy and me swimming lessons and he likes it. He doesn't want to do anything we ask him to do, but he likes being in the water and roaming around.
* We moved all the kids into one room because Gavin was so sad about being left out. Every night, at bedtime, we'd put Gavin in his room downstairs and he'd make the saddest little cry as the rest of us walked upstairs to our rooms. I'm so glad we moved him up with everyone else. Now his room is the playroom and all the toys are in there.

On Gavin's birthday we went up to a cabin in Pine with about 4 other couple friends of ours. They brought their youngest kids, who happen to be Gavin's friends. All girls and so cute. We brought balloons and stuff and celebrated a little up there. The next day, when we got home, we had a family dinner with cake and ice cream.

Trying to wrangle two year olds into sitting still for a picture is fun. :)

Here we are after all the kiddos are put to bed. We played games and laughed and had a great time. It was nice to get away for a bit. Thanks Picketts!