Monday, July 2, 2007

Life Lessons Learned on Vacation

Hi all, this is Kevin and I thought I'd offer a list of things I learned while on our recent vacation (see Christie's post below for full details). Hopefully you can learn from my experiences so you and your fellow vacationers don't have to learn the hard way.

  1. Don't forget to bring an ample supply of headache medicine - you will invariably need it.
  2. Driving during the day is no better than driving at night when you are travelling with toddlers.
  3. Even if your toddlers are well mannered in their car seats, don't forget to occasionally change their diapers - ewww... icky.
  4. When travelling with sinus pressure, elevation changes involve a lot more than just popping your ears - you'll want to "pop" your whole head.
  5. Air mattresses are not the quietest of things - they WILL wake up anyone else in the room when you roll into bed.
  6. Twin sized blankets do not substitute for Queen sized.
  7. Apply sunscreen evenly.
  8. Even if you have never sunburnt in a certain spot, never understimate the sun's ability to get you there this time - see #7.
  9. A sinus infection can ruin fun fast.
  10. So can chest congestion.
  11. So can a sprained knee.
  12. When riding a water weenie (the 5 person inflatable pulled behind a boat), make sure everyone has their swimsuit drawstrings tied securely.
  13. Never go to a musical with another man, even if he is your brother.
  14. "My Fair Lady" is not a good substitute for "Rambo" on a guy's night out.
  15. Talking in a british accent can become annoying to those around you, even if it is jolly good fun.
  16. Just for good measure, read #7 again.
  17. When playing "Chinese Firedrill" in the dark, avoid cattle guards - they are suprisingly effective on people too.
  18. Band-aid's of all sizes are essential when on vacation.
  19. It never hurts to have trained medical professional in the family.
  20. Never underestimate your ability to enjoy so many things going "wrong" when you have your family there to help you through it, and help you laugh at it.

Thank you McMillan clan for the awesome vacation! It was a blast!


The McMillans

I enjoy all of these lessons. In fact, I learned half of them. Perhaps that is because my husband and I were novices to the traditions followed, or that I have two children, or that I am just an idiot. Guys night out is never pleasant with Ryan regardless of where you go,....he doesn't get out much. Ha Ha! But lets not forget the importance of knowing how hot the sand is after you trek a half a mile in the desert with sandals.

Kevin, I enjoyed this very much, thanks for bringing a little humor to my day.

Jay and Kerry

Ha ha! That's funny. Those were fun lessons! I feel so bad about the injuries. That's why it's good to be careful when you are having fun...even if it is total chaos! Chinese Fire Drills are my fav!