Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rain, Rain DON'T Go Away!

It's monsoon season--YEA!! Today it started raining so hard! Paige and James were here playing with Cade and we all opened the door to watch the rain, but it was pouring in on us and the kids didn't like that so...
they slammed the door shut and ran into Cade's room to watch out the window. They were so excited they were jumping up and down. I was surprised at how long they watched it! I think they crave the rain as much as we do.
Then Cade decided to watch the rain through the door again. Wait, did I say "watch" the rain? I meant LICK the rain through the screen door. Gross. I couldn't get him to stop so I just let him...and took a picture. (Am I a blogging mom or what?!)
After the Buchanans left Cade and Myla played in the rain for a little while longer. Cade was jumping and dancing. Myla was watching him with a huge smile on her face. To her, Cade is just the coolest kid ever! We hope the rain sticks around for a while longer. Although it gets pretty sticky during the day, having the scent of rain always in the air is so worth it!


The McMillans

I love the smell of rain, it's kind of embarrassing, but if I could I would lick the rain as well. I don't blame Cade, and thank goodness for monsoon season in Arizona, I bet it feels so good during the heat wave. And funny thing, it rained here too!


I loved the rain today, keep it coming. We were out in it too enjoying it. I just love the smell. Myla is just adorable walking around. Her smile is so cute. It is so cute when they look up to the older sibling. The other day Emma fell asleep in the car and I couldn't hold her and Bradley at the same time so Breck held her. It was to cute. They are just going to have so much fun together.

The Blakes

I confess that I wanted to go outside and splash around in the puddles and feel the rain on my face and just be a kid again when the storm hit this afternoon.

(Please excuse the run on sentence.)

Blinzinger Family

I loved the video you put on your blog of Myla walking and Cade talking. How cute!!! And how fun to play in the rain! It rained here a couple of days ago....I just love the smell of it and the coolness it brings. Aaaahhh! Livvy likes the fact that the snails stay out on the sidewalk longer so we get to see them when we head out to the gym.