Monday, January 29, 2007

The Digital Camera Age

Getting ready for bed, Cade's shirt got stuck on his head!
At such a young age Myla is practicing her posture by balancing a frisbee on her head. :)
Thank goodness for digital cameras. If I were still using my 35mm camera I would be saving the film for the perfect shot, not wanting to waste the money on film and developing. This weekend alone I took 54 pictures. Cade has gotten to the point now where he smiles for the camera, then rushes around to see the final shot. Maybe we have a budding photographer (or model...can we say Blue Magnum?). Of course not all of my pics are masterpieces. Well...none of them are (one of my goals this year is to take a photography class), but I sure think the subject matter is. There are plenty of red-eye or closed-eye or funky face shots, but I love even those, and I can develop what I want. Although I'm not too great at taking pictures (or being in pictures) I love looking at them. They are treasured. The camera is almost a part of the family, at every special occasion, but more importantly at just ordinary occasions. We should give the camera a name...I'll have to discuss one with Kevin. We named our laptop Copernicus (isn't that such a fun name to say?) and our PC is Galileo. What would be a suitable name for our camera?

Is January almost over already?!

Who's the cutest girl in town?
Can we say busy?! The first month of 2007 has just flown by. Everyday it seems there is something going on. As I look back I can't even remember what we did or what I accomplished. Kevin is taking two courses online at Rio Salado. Even though it is online it seems to be more time consuming than going to a campus and sitting in class. He is doing great and is enjoying learning about the human body. He and Jared (my bro-in-law) are taking the same classes and love to talk in "anatomy" talk to Nicki and I. We like that they are smarty-pants, but also like to understand what they are saying. :)

The kids are doing great. Cade is cute as ever and Myla is growing like a weed, although she is thinning out. I recently started cloth diapering Myla. Not only is it economical, it is better for her poor eczema-covered little body. She rashes so quickly and has actually been harder and harder to keep under control. So we are trying a new avenue. She seems to rash around the diaper area. Cloth diapering isn't as hard as I was anticipating. There are so many more options out there these days. In fact, it's almost addicting trying to find a new cute cloth diaper cover online.

Nicki, Jared, Mom H., and I are having a Biggest Loser contest. We have about 9 weeks left to see who loses the most percentage of weight. I have to admit the fat is not melting off as fast as I'd like, but I do feel healthy and more energetic. Kevin and I have worked out together a couple of times between commercials of Smallville and Supernatural. So that's good for us.

Well, I have tons to do for Enrichment night tomorrow. We are looking foward to a great February!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello 2007!

We rung in the New Year by having some fun at McCormick's Train Park in Scottsdale. We rode the merry-go-round, took and train ride and played on the playground. Cade discovered a little rock wall area and he loved climbing it and then taking the tallest slide down. It amazes me how athletic that kid is. He is so active and isn't afraid of anything. The weather was great, the park was fun, and the company was the best! We are looking forward to a successful and exciting new year!

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Christmas morning was so much fun. After the hecticness of the season, we woke up Christmas morning relaxed and ready to enjoy the day. Kevin built a fire, we put on Christmas music, read Luke 2 and opened gifts. Cade was fun to watch. Although after a while he got tired of opening new gifts, he wanted to play with the ones he already opened. One of Cade's favorite gifts was a choo-choo train. He loves to push the train and chant, "schoo schoo." Its super-cute. Myla just watched the whole gift-opening scene with wide, blue eyes and even chuckled every now and then. It was great celebrating Christmas together. We are so grateful for our little family and the joy that feel from each other and from the faith we have in Jesus Christ. We are so blessed.