Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Night with Harry

In honor of the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' release, Kevin and I had a Harry Potter themed date night. Oh yes, we sure do know how to keep the romance alive! There's nothing like Harry Potter to light the fire. :) We did have a lot of fun.
Kevin made bangers and mash, a British dinner that is mentioned in HP books. Really it's sausage and potatoes. It was really good. It was so cute actually, because Kevin cooked some roasted zucchini to go with it. He asked me check on it in the oven and I thought it looked a bit funny but just blew it off. When I ended up taking it out of the oven I noticed that it wasn't zucchini at all, it was cucumber! To someone who had never eaten zucchini before he married me, cucumbers and zucchini do look a lot alike. Has anybody ever had roasted cucumber before? Wouldn't recommend it....nope, not at all. But the rest of the dinner was so good. And I didn't have to cook it at all, which, I have to admit, was the best part!Myla has taken to stealing food off of Kevin's plate. Apparently, food tastes better when it comes from Daddy's plate. I love the look in her eye; it says, "Daddy, I'm so cute you won't care that I'm stealing your potatoes."
To continue the Harry Potter theme we made butterbeer for dessert (also mentioned in HP). We looked up the recipe on the internet and decided to try it out. So we bought the ingredients (see above) and had a go.
It looked pretty, but was so sweet and weird tasting that we decided one mug was plenty for us. I'm not even going to waste your time with the recipe. It ain't worth it folks.
Then we played Harry Potter Scene It where Kevin effectively kicked my butt every single time. Anyone who knows Kevin isn't surprised by this. The guy has a freakin' photographic memory. But it was fun.
I think we had enough Harry Potter for one night. Before Kevin went to the store to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows we watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, favorite show at the moment. Then Kevin came home with the book, I promptly snatched it from his fingers and stayed up until 4:30am reading it. When I couldn't keep my eyes open for another word I went to bed. The next day all I did was read. Kevin was such a good sport for watching the kids so I could read. I'm useless when I am reading a good's like no one else exists. I finished it late yesterday afternoon and now can resume my normal life. My review on the book? It was everything I expected it to be...and then some. So, blogging friends, it's over. You won't be hearing any more about Harry Potter from me. I'm hearing a collective sigh of relief. :)


The Earls

I love your theme night! That's awesome. I too, finished the book last night, I loved it. Email me what you thought about it (

Jill Manning

What a fun date night! I bet you could totally kick my trash at Scene It Harry Potter, so if ever you want to feel superior with your Harry Potter knowledge, give me a ring, I'll play. I know what you mean about getting caught up in a good book, I can't read books that I like during school because I will read my book over the school issued ones anyday!

The McMillans

What a fun weekend you had! I am so glad you got to see friends...and well, the fact that you finished the book is so amazing to Ryan and I. YOU ROCK!

Haws Family

You are so funny! I was curious as to how that butterbeer turned out. I wonder if it's something they really drink over there. I laughed at the cucumber- JARED DID THE SAME THING! What's with those boys! So when we went grocery shopping I had to explain the differences, he decided that he'll just look at the signs for now on. I said- good idea!


What a fun date night. You guys are so cute. I totally need to get in on the whole harry potter thing.