Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter at Midnight

If you note the time of this post it is after 2:30 am. Kevin and I just returned from the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We are a little wired right now, so I decided to blog. We got to the theatre at around 10:30 and it was full! Apparently arriving an hour and a half early wasn't early enough. We sat in the front row. It was no big deal, except I got a bit of motion sickness and our necks are a little cricked. It was worth it...we enthusiastically give it two thumbs up! But don't take our word for it--go see it (if you need a viewing partner, I'll definitely go again)!
Dumbledore's Army
Once again I was not disappointed with the movie. The book is huge, so of course they had to do some things differently, and cut out a lot...but I think they did a great job. I'm actually too tired to really form any real review about the was awesome! There you have it. I had to have documentation that we were there! This is after the movie.
Many thanks to my sweet little brothers, David and Richard, for staying the night with the kids so we could go to the movie! You're the best.


Jay and Kerry

How fun! I actually haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I saw I think it was the first one in bits and pieces but I didn't get it because I didn't see the whole thing. I haven't read the books either. That's funny that you two went in the middle of the night! I would've slept through it! I've been known to fall asleep in theaters if I'm tired or bored with the movie! Ha ha!

The AZ McMillans

When the first movie came out I hadn't read the books. I worked in a school library at the time and my boss said that I couldn't work in a library never having read Harry Potter. So it was my "job" to read Harry Potter. What a hard job, huh? I was hooked after that. At that time four of the books had come out, so it was nice to read all four in succession. Now the seventh and LAST book comes out in less than 2 weeks! I can hardly wait!! Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd (but as I found out last night there are lots of people more freakier than me out there).

Jill Manning

Christie, that is awesome! I am so glad that the movie was so good because you guys went through great lengths to see it! Going to movies at odd hours is actually alot of fun. I kind of like going to breakfast and than seeing the first showing of a movie at the theater...I know, I am such a thrill seeker! I want to see it so stinkin' bad, now I know who to call if Ty doesn't want to! Are you going sit at Borders for the new book as well? I'll go with you if you are, we can bring our sewing machines and make aprons while we wait...totally kidding of course...about the apron part!

the Picketts

u crazy people...we saw people there monday night setting up chairs and tv's to make the first showing!! maybe i should read the books to see what all the hype is about!

Jay and Kerry

That's so funny! Yeah...I can't imagine working in a library and not reading all those popular books! I guess I'll have to check them out!


Sounds like fun. Are you going to have a nap today. I could never do I midnight showing I am such a wuss. I need to get into the Harry Potter movies. They sound really good. I don't know why we haven't seen one. Glad you guys had fun and got to see it.

Haws Family

Sorry you had to sit in the front row, I can only imagine all the flying around how motion sick you would get! I love Harry Potter too! Jared wants to see it Friday. When I was in China, the electricity didn't work half the time, so to entertain ourselves we read and exchanged books. I'm so glad someone brought Harry Potter books because I was so hooked- I read them every spare second. My roomate made fun of me- but it is a good series! Can't wait for the next book and I'm excited to see it Friday!


I can't believe you saw it soooo late!!!! i totally would've fallen asleep knowing me. :) So, it was good??? I still have to see the last one. I know...i'm late. But I need to rent it before we go to vegas this weekend because we're seeing the new one there. I'll let you know what I think. :)


That's cool that you went to the midnight (sort of) showing. Those are the best. I'm gonna have to see it on my own out here, Dan's not a big fan and we don't really know any babysitters yet. I am anxiously awaiting the last book. I usually get them from Sam's Club. Less of a line, better price. Glad to hear that the movie was good. I like it when return movies and sequels don't flop.

The McMillans

So here is my giant confession. I have not read one Harry Potter book. And I see now, that my ignorance to this madness love affair with Mr. Potter is something I better join in on. I have in fact seen some of the movies and quite enjoy them. I make my students say in a british accent..."Harry potter and the sorcerers stone" like Julia childs if they are to understand the open space behind the larnyx....but I must start reading I CONFESS!!!

The McMillans

PS. You two look so cute together in that picture! It made me happy.