Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A McMillan Update

I haven't been a very inspired blogger lately. I thought I'd just update the McMillan happenings for those who are interested.

I started a job at the Tempe YMCA last week. I'm just working two afternoons a week in the preschool there--enough to bring in a little extra money and get a free membership (which I am super excited about!). Kevin has been such a good guy and has adjusted his schedule so we don't have to get babysitters for the kids. The kids love having Kevin home a little more in the afternoon. They just love their daddy!

I have also been sewing a lot more and learning so much! Our apron club is growing and it's so fun to meet with the girls and chat and sew. I love it!

Cade is talking like crazy and has learned to write another letter - A. So now he knows how to write A, T, O, C, W, and M. And the greatest part is that he taught himself! Is that weird? I feel like he is making this way too easy on me. He starts preschool in a couple of weeks and I think he will do a great job there! Cade is such a good big brother to Myla. She just adores him and now that she's walking around everywhere she follows him wherever he goes. When Myla is napping Cade almost doesn't know what to do with himself. They are partners in crime. Last week I found them playing in the bathroom with the whole roll of toilet paper unrolled and stuffed in the toilet. That was a fun one to dig out! It's a whole new world of possibility with these two. With the weather being so nice and the sun hiding behind the clouds more we have been playing more outside and having a good time.

Kevin is doing great. He's patiently waiting for his turn to start nursing school. He has been accepted but there is a waiting list. Hopefully he can start next year. In the meantime he has been busy with a number of projects. Kevin is so creative, he has so many things he wants to do, but so little time.

Kevin and I gave talks in church last week. Kevin is such a good speaker and doesn't really get nervous. I, on the other hand, was so nervous. When I was finished speaking I was so relieved to just have to over with. Well, my relief was soon wiped away by a new wave of panic when the stake president asked us to speak in stake conference! Oh wow. Yeah, I'm a bit nervous. Again, Kevin is looking forward to the opportunity. I'm preferring to just block it out of my mind until the day comes. Luckily we have a month or so to prepare.

So, that's the latest here. Hopefully my blogging inspiration will return soon!


Blinzinger Family

Hi Christie,
Have missed your blog updates but am glad to hear everyone is well and that you are working at the Y while taking advantage of their free membership! You go girl!!

Jill Manning

I have to admit, I have missed your entries but I understand, when the inspiration isn't there, there isn't much you can write about, but you did great! It sounds like life is treating you well. Can't wait to see you on Thurs!

The Blakes

I completely understand about not having inspiration. I'm in the same boat right now.

I'm glad your job is going well - I love the Y!

Miss Kim Fontes

Yes i will be at apron night without a doubt! And I love your blog, you must show me how to make it fancy like yours! And I am so very happy to hear your job at the Y is going good. That is seriously my favorite place to work out at!

The McMillans

Not to mention all the countless things you have been doing for other people. I absolutely love my APRON!!!! I have a sadness when I have to part from it every evening! I know you will be fantastic the next time you speak...I am always inspired by you.

Robert Choate

That sounds like a carbon copy of ou life. Good luck with speaking in conference. I would love to do that.


I am so glad you get to speak at Stake Conference, then it won't be too boring or cheesy like when the Mesa mission presidents spoke at the same time. At the same time. I mean they stood there together lie it was a comic routine and not strange in the least. Do you remember that? It was so weird and cheeeeesy (I know. I am so going to hell for that, what else is new.) I knew I missed something good in sacrement meeting.