Sunday, July 15, 2007

Myla's First Pedicure

Okay, first of all it really wasn't so much a pedicure as it was a four person wrestling match. Kevin was trying to hold her feet still while I was trying to hold her toes still and paint them; meanwhile, Cade was trying to get the polish brush out of my hand so it could be "Cade's turn" to paint (as he kept saying over and over...and over again). It was actually a pretty funny scene.
The finished product!
Mommy & Myla's matching toes. The official color? China Girl.Mommy's Girl!


Jay and Kerry

As much as I loathe feet, I still love baby feet! Those are such cute toes! Good job on the pedicure!

Jill Manning

I'm vrey impressed by the paint job! I meant to tell you, I loved your dress today at church, it looked so good on you and it was very pretty!

The Blakes

So fun - I'm ready to get a pedi myself!


I remember painting Emma's toes when she was little, it was a wrestling match. I would end up getting it on me and on her feet and legs. You guys did a great job. I just love little girls. They are just so much fun.

Choate Family

Very cute! You're such a fun mommy!

The McMillans

Could you do research and find out what color Iraqi girl is? As I sit staring at me feet in 0% humidity and 105 degree heat I believe my toes would appreciate this color. Perhaps we could sell it and send the proceeds to the soldiers over there. Okay it's late I'm sorry for my stupid humor. In all seriousness, Myla's toes make me giddy, and well, Cade is just like Aiden, constantly wanting to take advantage of a messy artistic situation. That is so cute!