Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Festivities

I tried to post the fabulous pictures of our Memorial Day BBQ with the Webbs (my brother and family). I kept getting an error message saying that I typed in the wrong address. I didn't type in anything...I just clicked "upload". Anyone else having this problem? Anyway...these pics were actually the first pictures I've with my new SLR camera that I got for mother's day! I've been too nervous to take it out of the house, because I was sure that my clutzy self would drop it or ruin it somehow. So I finally got up the nerve to take it out (it kind of sounds like I'm treating it like a newborn baby! well, I do call it my baby). Anyway, we had an awesome BBQ. James and Jamie prepared EVERYTHING on their new grill. We had grilled potato salad (this was actually our favorite part of the whole meal) steak and corn on the cob. They could start a husband/wife grilling/cooking show. It was awesome. The kids played in the pool and had a great time. Then after we played Wii for awhile. Good time had by all!


Jay and Kerry

That's funny that you call your camera baby! I am also incredibly careful with my camera since the McMillan side bought it for me for my birthday a couple years ago! It's my favorite toy! I haven't had any problems with pics on the site but then again, I haven't tried in a few days! I'll let you know if I try to post pics soon!


I've had that error before. . . Just try again in a few minutes, It usually works the 2nd or 3rd time~

The McMillans

What kind of SLR camera did you get? I am so happy for you, I am sure you will take awesome pictures with it.