Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sausage, Spiderman, and Sippy Cups

What do these three things have in common? Well, let me tell you. Thursday night is breakfast for dinner night at the McMillans. Tonight I was cooking up some sausage for breakfast burritos. Cade was watching Spiderman in the living roon and Myla was crawling around, getting into Myla mischief. In between stirring the sausage and pondering whether I should really be letting my 2 1/2 year old watch Spiderman Cade comes in asking for "bapple juice." I told him that I'll give him water. He shouts, "Mommy, no water!" I fill up his sippy cup with water anyway (Cade had long since surpassed his "bapple juice" quota for the day - he could live on it). I hand it to him and he bursts into tears and runs into the living room. So I give it to Myla and she happily sucks it down. I continue cooking the sausage. I turn around to put a plate in the sink and Myla has crawled into the kitchen and planted herself right in my path to the sink. I know it's really a half-step to the sink, but she's caught me off guard and I lose my balance. My hands go flailing and I elbow the frying pan with the sausage in it and it all goes flying...everywhere. Hot sausage. Hot grease. Hot frying pan. Right onto the floor where my baby girl is sitting. My heart jumped into my throat. I look down and Myla is playing, totally oblivious and untouched by any of it. Don't ask me how, she was right in the middle of everything. I put Myla in the living room and put up the baby gate right away and cleaned up the mess, all the while thanking God that my baby was not burned by the scalding grease. I am really shaken up over this. I learned a huge lesson tonight...I will NEVER cook while my kids are in the kitchen. No matter how careful I think I'm being, accidents happen.



Hey Christie, cute blog! I love it! It was great seeing you at Matta's! We usually just see each other at the birthday parties, baby blessings, etc. . . Well, I can't wait to read your blog all the time now. I'm going to put you on my friends list. Is that ok?