Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Today was such a wonderful day. I am such a blessed person. I have two mothers in my life. When I was younger it was kind of hard to have two moms, but as I get older I really see how super blessed I am. More people to love and more to love me. I wouldn't change anything about my life and I'm grateful for my moms and all the many women who have influenced my life. I love you!

Today I was also able to reflect on the honor of being a mother. My heart just overflows with joy and love when I watch my children. They are such special little people and I feel so honored they have been entrusted to my care. The pictures below are the moments when I met my babies for the first time. I love these pictures. When I talked to both of them for the first time they turned their heads toward my voice. It was so sweet. These are my first moments of motherhood with each child.
Meeting Cade for the first time
Meeting Myla for the first time


The McMillans

amen and halleluia, i share your bliss.


Those are the best pics. I didn't know both babies were c sections. That must be an awesome scar.

The Blakes

I just love my new holiday! I hope Kevin spoiled you with lots of love and attention. The pictures are priceless!

The AZ McMillans

Yeah, gotta love the scar. My dr says that I have some genetic tendency to develop lots of scar tissue, so it's a monster!