Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In the Middle of the Night

Last night I woke up to a voice in our room. I heard the printer going spastic and a women's voice. I sat up and told Kevin that our printer was talking to us. He told me to lay down, it's just our answering machine. I was tired enough that I went back to sleep, only to awaken to some serious racket downstairs. I bolted up in bed and moved closer to the baby monitor so I could hear what was going on. I shook Kevin and demanded he wake up and listen. There was all kinds of screaming! Kevin listened for a minute and then told me, in a rather bored manner, "It's just Harry Potter." Huh? He said, "It's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie playing." Okay, I could accept that, but...WHY WAS IT PLAYING? So I sit there and stare at Kevin as he drifts back to sleep, totally unconcerned. I huffed out of bed and tip-toed downstairs half expecting some intruder to be lounging on our couch watching Harry Potter before he decides to murder my family and take off with our stuff. (Sometimes I jump to the worst case scenario before finding out what's really going on.) I get downstairs and, indeed, Harry Potter was playing. I turned it off and bolted back upstairs, still a little nervous. Then, while I'm laying in bed (Kevin is snoring away) I started imagining some person in my kids room, waiting for the perfect moment to snatch them away--turning on Harry Potter as a distraction to the real crime! So I gathered up my courage again, threw Kevin a dirty look for peacefully sleeping the night away when there is so much potential for danger, and tread back downstairs into the kids room. Cade and Myla were sleeping soundly. So I looked under their beds--no one there. I peeked in the closet--no one to be found. Lastly, I opened their bathroom door, took a deep breath, and looked inside--empty. Relieved, I went back upstairs and layed in bed, waited for my heart rate to go down, and drifted back to sleep. In the morning Kevin and I had a conversation that went like this:

Me: Kevin, our house is haunted. The printer talked to us last night and someone turned on the Harry Potter movie.
Kevin: Christie, our house is not haunted.
Me: Yes it is!
Kevin: It's simple really. The power went out and when it went back on everything reloaded.
Me: That...doesn't....make...ooohhh
Kevin: All of that stuff happens every time our power goes out.
Me: Oh (sheepish laughter)

I'm such a scaredy cat at night.


The Blakes

I laughed out loud reading your story! I have become so sleep deprived that my sleep walking and talking has reached an all time high. Trent has "caught" me conducting music, shushing a nonexistent crowd of people, ordering a sandwich and full on crying/yelling. I rarely remember any of these incidents!


you should be a professional story teller....i love reading all your crazy adventures


Chris Cross, whena are you going to learn that men are always right? (Just Kidding, but not really) I just watched Dodgeball..but seriously you're a goober. Peace out sister.

Jill Manning

I love this story! You really are one of the bravest women I know for looking under the beds, the closet and the bathroom. Too many episodes of X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries would have put my imagination into a frenszy. And I love the bad looks that you were sending to Kevin as he slept...I could picture it all in my head! I agree, you are a master storyteller, keep the adventures coming!


You are so funny! I never knew what a comedian you are! I love reading your stories!