Tuesday, June 5, 2007


It has been one busy week! To sum up:

Cade started swimming lessons last week. We are taking the Sea Toddlers class (it is a Mommy & Me class). Notice that the picture below is of an empty pool? That is because HE WON'T STAY IN! We'll have been there 10 minutes and already he is screaming...literally screaming! go home. I feel bad for the other moms there. I'm sure they are so annoyed with my screaming child. After today I'm thinking of becoming a swim class drop-out. But we only have 2 days to go, so we'll muscle through.

Cade much prefers to just watch the water. He is much happier this way. Unfortunately, you don't learn to swim by just looking at the water. I seriously don't know why he is terrified of his swimming lessons. He loves the pool and he loves water. But the thought of going under is terrifying to him.
Saturday was a really busy day. The Webbs and the McMillans (us) decided to go to the Kids Faire at the Cardinals Stadium. It promised Barney, Princesses and indoor air conditioning. That was all we needed to sign up. So we trekked on out to Glendale and the line to get in was easily an hour long. And it was outside... in the sun...100 degrees...babies, toddlers, kids, grumpy parents (not a good mix). We stood in line for about 20 minutes then we decided to bag that idea and head for Amazing Jakes. We had a great time there!

Later on that night we went to a goodbye dinner for my cousin Crystal and her family (the Earls). Dan got a great job in Michigan. They left on Sunday. Good luck Earls!
Sunday we celebrated James's birthday. He is an 28 years old. My big little brother. Breck and Emma had to help him blow out his candles he had so many!!
Although life has been busy, we take time out for sweet kisses and hugs like the one I captured here. Myla was having a rough time and Cade gave her kisses to make it better. I love that my kids adore each other.


Jay and Kerry that's what you've been up to! I don't blame you for not standing in line in that heat! I would've stayed, though! Ha ha, just kidding! I love your blogs! They are so cute!

The McMillans

Hey you! I feel for you with the screaming kid thing...i sometimes don't know how to handle it! So, koodos for you for sticking it out.
Maybe he is like the Tiger in Ice age the meltdown! And just needs some prompting from the every so cute sid the sloth. Maybe he needs to be reminded that he swam in the womb!

Choate Family

You are such a fun mom! So where in Michigan did your cousin get a job?


I totally hear you on the scaredness of water. We can't get Donovan to get in without a screaming match. Good job on sticking it out. For your friend, Dan got a job in Lansing, MI.