Thursday, May 17, 2007

Diaper Rash Trick

My kids have very sensitive skin and eczema, so every little thing from perfume to grass to baby laundry detergent affects their skin. When Cade was younger he got bad diaper rashes all the time. We tried every diaper rash cream out there, but nothing really worked. Then I remembered a trick my mom used on my twin brothers when they were babies...browned flour. I called her and she told me she got that trick from her mom and that it really works. So I browned up some white flour and put it on his bum and the results were amazing! One application overnight and the rash wasn't even there. I know it sounds weird, but it was all we used on him after that.

Fast forward to Myla and for some reason I went back to putting on diaper rash cream. She's had a pretty bad diaper rash the past couple of days, it even had some blistering. I kept slathering on the cream, but it just kept getting redder and redder. Last night I remembered the flour again and browned some up and put it on her and WHALAH! this morning there is barely any sign of the rash! I don't know how it works, but it works!

All you do is put about 1/2 cup of white flour in a frying pan, turn the heat on medium, and stir until it is about the color of sand (it'll take about 15 minutes). Let it cool all the way before you put it on the bum (I just throw it in the freezer). Just apply it to the diaper rash area, put the diaper on, and let it do it's magic.


The Blakes

I think Stacey uses this trick too. Thanks for the specific instructions because I will probably try it with Ty next time he gets a rash. His first rash was awful and we bought 3 different products before finding one we liked. (But it still took almost a week to clear up!)


that is the coolest trick ever. Thanks so much for filling us in on the secret. Tytan has never had a diaper rash yet (knock on wood) but if he ever does I'm totally going to use this trick.

Jill Manning

I wouldn't be surprised if this trick will come in handy when I have babies...Ty has really sensitive skin and I sure did when I was younger...thanks for sharing. You should send this trick into some parenting magazine or one of that baby ones...they would eat it up!

The AZ McMillans

Just so everybody knows, there is a downside to this trick. The act of browning the flour stinks pretty bad because you are essentially burning it. But once you get past the smell, it works wonders. I like to brown it outside on our bbq (we have a bbq with a bonus stove-type burner on the side). Happy burning everyone! And may all your bums be healthy!