Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cinco de Mayo weekend

Kevin mentioned this morning that it's kinda weird that we celebrate Cinco do Mayo. We're not Mexican, do not have Mexican ancestry, and really don't even know WHY Cinco de Mayo is even celebrated. I say bring on the Mexican food. That's all the reason I need. And boy did we eat...and eat...and eat some more. I started of on Cuatro de Mayo with a lunch with some friends. We had nachos and tacos and some good laughs. We all piled in my little townhouse, almost standing room only. :) It was great to get some girl time. Later that night we played Settlers of Catan with our good friends the Blakes. We had fun! Except their baby, Ty, was an angel while Myla and Cade were little stinkers. I'm thinking they really don't like us to have a social life. We'll remember this when they are teenagers...(insert sinister laugh here, ha ha ha ha).

Saturday was such a beautiful day and we didn't want it to go to waste. We took the kids to the zoo for a couple of hours. It was so nice and breezy. It was beautiful. I think the whole city of Phoenix had the same idea as us because it was super busy. Saturday night we went to a potluck at the church where we had some more great Mexican food and fun. Cade even got to hit the pinata. He loosened it up for the rest of the kids. :) I ran to get my camera to take a pic but he was done before I got there. After the ward party we went to my brother and sis-in-law's house for some of her great bean dip and we played Nintendo Wii. It was so cool! I really have no love for video games, but this was awesome. Instead of shooting aliens and walking through their guts and gore we golfed and bowled. It was pretty cool.
Then tonight Kevin's cousins (and our really good friends) the Olsons came over for some more Mexican food and we played some Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trivia pursuit. We are sad because the Olsons will be moving back to Utah in less than a month, but happy for them because they will be close to family. Jared is graduating from Midwestern University in June. We are happy for them!
We had a great weekend. We didn't really get anything done, but we had fun. I think we need weekends like that every now and then.


The McMillans

I too say bring on the Mexican food, although we were so tired we just couldn't party. I am glad you had such a great weekend.