Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Wait, He's Not

Our little Gavin has been throwing us some curve balls lately. He started sleeping through the night at around 5 weeks. We were getting used to getting our full 8 hours (or at least I was, Kevin is a night owl). Then about 4 weeks ago he started waking up again at night. Several times a night. Several. Little trickster.
Well, he's doing the same thing with eating. He absolutely refuses to eat rice cereal, no matter what I do to it...add formula, add water, add apple juice, add apple sauce. Nothing works. He spits it out and makes this face that says, "Mom, seriously. What are you doing to me?"

The other day I was eating an apple while holding Gavin. He was staring at it so I put it in his mouth and let him suck and gnaw on it. He loved it! So I thought he would love apple sauce. Who says we have to start them on cereal? He didn't like the apple sauce. I think it was too sour. So I tried sweet potato. He seemed to really like it! I thought we had a winner! Visions of sleep-ful nights danced before my eyes. (In my mind, the whole eating and waking up at night thing was related. I thought he was hungry and only formula wasn't enough for him anymore.)

He was finally eating something!

Oh wait, he's not. He only ate it that one night and won't touch it again. On to plan B. The waiting game. When he's ready, he's ready. There's no rushing the milestones, no matter how badly we want to.



Isn't that funny how different kids can be stubborn about different things? And then you tell someone else that you're having trouble with a certain phase and they say, "Oh, well, that's easy. Just do it like we did. It was so simple for us." Or you read all the parenting web sites and it's all about how to fix it in 5 easy steps. And then you laugh because you know it will never, ever be that easy for your child because yours is just stubborn or not ready yet. Like at our house, Kyle is NOT ready for sharing bunk beds with his brother. So he'll have to stay in his crib for a while. And no amount of bribery will get him to stay in bed when it's so much more fun to play.


My kids always pull that no sleeping junk either after shots or when teething. Miserable! Mabel has yet to do it, but I KNOW it's coming.

The Earls

That's so funny. Ross doesn't like rice cereal either, but the other 2 LOVED it. So we just went to the good stuff with flavor and he loves it. I agree, whoever said that we have to start with rice cereal? But now we have a bunch in the cupboard with nowhere to go. :)