Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities

Today was the most relaxing Thanksgiving we've ever had! We spent the morning laying around and straightening up the house and watching movies. We even enjoyed some rain in the early morning. Around 1:30 we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Webb's house for dinner. We had a lot of fun there. Cade and Myla enjoyed playing with their cousins. Grandma Webb also prepared a fun turkey activity for the grandkids to do. (Sorry for the dark, blurry pic)
They are both saying "turkey!" in this picture. :) What they did was tell Grandma or Aunt Jamie what they were thankful for and then Grandma or Jamie wrote it on a feather and then the kids glued it on and colored the turkey. I love the heart they glued on too. The kids loved it and are very proud of their turkeys. If you look closely on one of Myla's turkey feathers it says, "Aunt Jamie." I love that. We all gave Jamie a hard time because she was the one who wrote on Myla's feathers. But Jamie asked her what she was thankful for and she pointed to Jamie and said "you." Myla does love her Aunt Jamie.

After dinner we headed over to my Grandma Medlin's house for some pie with my mom and aunts, uncles and cousins. Cade really, really, really enjoyed his chocolate pie. He even asked for seconds, which is really weird for Cade. And is was some stinkin' rich chocolate pie. The kids played in the dirt making mudpies while the adults watched and chatted about whether or not we were going shopping on black Friday. We are, just in case you were wondering. :)

Then we came home, took baths and played around. It was a very nice, relaxing day. And now...

Let the Christmas season officially begin!!



What a cute idea with the turkeys! I may have to steal that next year.

The McMillans

Okay, kids crafts are always genius. But this one is tremendous. I love it. And I love you and your family. So much.


It was a fun Thanksgiving. It wasn't to hectic too. I gotta say I sure love your kids they are adorable and I'm glad Myla is thankful for her FAVORITE aunt Jamie, oops did I just write that: )

Jennifer Flake

Love the turkeys!

Glad your Thanksgiving was good!

Jennifer Greer

It was a very relaxing Thanksgiving. Hopefully Christmas will be the same. I love the turkeys =)