Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Last weekend my friend Hollie held a gingerbread house party. Hollie is amazing. Not only did she make dinner for everyone, she baked and assembled everyone's gingerbread house and provided prizes! I think there were at least nine or ten couples. The only rules were that everything we put on the house had to be edible. I was really impressed by the thought people put into their houses. We just showed up with a bunch of junk food and a vague idea and tried to make something out of it.

This is what we came up with:
Our gingerbread beach house. Notice the sand snow man with a surf board propped up and the palm tree made out of gum and a kit kat. We completed the beach scene with goldfish in the ocean.
Another couple had the same idea, except theirs was so much cuter. I love the clothes line behind the house. So cute!

Here are some other houses the couples created:Blue Christmas
The White House
Church house, Carousel house, and Foreclosure houseThe Gavman and Kev

We had so much fun! It was great seeing old friends and catching up. Thanks Hollie!


Heather Bower

Oh my gosh, what a fun Idea, I might have to do that someday. How fun. Love it, your house was so cute. Makes me want to head to the beach, can you believe how cold it's been?

Jared and Nicole Haws

That must have been really fun to see everyone! What a fun night!


What fun!! What a great idea!! I love those creative gingerbread houses.

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