Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cake pops anyone?

I am feeling a little proud of my domestic skills right now. I made cake pops! I have been following Bakerella for awhile now. I've always admired her skill with cupcakes, and have a mental list of her projects I want to try. I finally tried my hand at the cake pops last night in honor of the SSC Christmas party. (Oh yeah, it was a wild party...all that fabric swapping and sugar rushing and baby feeding going on. Okay, not wild. But fun. Always fun!) Anyway, I checked out Bakerella's Christmas cake pop project and was about to try the Christmas tree...then decided that I should probably settle down and start with the basic ball and if I enjoyed it, go from there. Here are the results:

You are supposed to poke the sticks in a styrofoam cube, but I didn't have one and improvised. Now I know why she said to use a styrofoam probably don't get drooping pops that bump into one another. They got pretty friendly with each other.
Cade and Myla thought they were pretty cool.
All packaged and cute.
If you are going to try these out yourself, here is the recipe and's an insanely easy recipe, especially if you use a cake mix and canned frosting. Here are a few tips:
*Don't make the balls too big. I used a small cookie scoop and they were too big. A number of the pops fell off the stick into the melted chocolate. Not very fun to dig out, and they get cake crumbs in the chocolate.
*Be sure to chill the cake balls long enough so the don't turn to mush.
*Just do one color of coating at a time. If not, the red gets in the green and there's just mess all over the place.
* If you have specific number that you need to make (like for your child's classroom party) make at least twice what you need. I made about 30 of these and only 10 turned out. The kids and Kevin didn't mind eating the cast-offs though.
* Start early. With all the baking, then cooling, then forming, then cooling, then dipping in coating, then takes a lot of time.

Will I be trying the tree cake pops? Ummmm, maybe next year.
PS 15 days until Christmas!!


Taryn Choate

Those are so stinkin' cute! I really wanna be brave enough to try and make them but not sure if I can. I absolutely LOVE them all wrapped up and in the sundae cup! Very cute Chris!

Jill Manning

They were divine!!! I really wanted to have a second one but I didn't want to look like a pig when everyone else stopped at one. You did such a good job on them and I for sure want to make them now.

Haws Family

Wow Chris! That's insane you had enough patience for that! All I can say is... you go girl! They looked adorable!

The Blakes

You should be proud! I learn best by watching, so when you make them again can I come observe...and possibly taste test...? I'll bring the beverages. :)

Heather Bower

Way cute. I might have to try these.


Fun stuff. I definitely have a sugar addiciton lately. Must be a girl...I bake all the time. So much for nutrition. And with the holidays, too, it's twice as fun. Thanks for the Christmas card, by the way. We are going to be way late on those this year.

Jennifer Flake

I saw these Cake Pops on your blog! I am returning for directions to make them for my 3 year olds birthday today! Wish me luck! She wants hers to be pink and purple!