Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cade is a funny kid. Kev and I have gotten a kick out the things he's said. Our favorite happened this morning. Cade was upstairs with Kevin while Kevin worked on the computer. He was kicking and hitting our bed and Kevin said, "Cade, stop it. You're beating the crap out of our bed." Cade looks around and says, "Where's the crap, Dad?"

Later on we were eating dinner and Cade had talked non-stop the entire dinner. So finally, I just needed some quiet and suggested that we play a fun game...The Quiet Game! Cade and Myla asked how to play, I explained that we all have to be really quiet and the first person to talk loses. Cade hates to lose, by the way. Yesterday he threw a monster fit because Kevin beat him in a race. Uh oh. Anyway, I said "Ready, set, be quiet!" It was deathly silent for about, oh, 3 seconds when Cade shouts out, "I love Thomas!" Kevin and I just busted up. So much for the quiet game.

Another funny thing Cade says is "to-later." We say tonight, tomorrow, today...he just figures we also say tolater.

I love the things kids say. Always original and sweet.


The McMillans

I read all of your recent posts...I uber love you all.

Jennifer Greer

I love the crap story! Don't cha love when kids are just to intelligent for ya? Tolater McMillans!

Haws Family

That's so funny! Just LOVE Cade- he does say the funniest and cutest things! Thanks for the cupcakes, they were as beautiful and they were tastey! You spoil me!


He is one funny kid. I just love that Cade!! Cute Crap story. : )

Heather Bower

I love to read you blog. I haven't checked blogs in a while I feel out of the loop. :)