Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

I love getting the kids ready for church. I love the way they look when their hair is done and their faces are clean. I love that they get excited about going to primary and nursery. I love that as we play primary hymns while we take our bath, they both sing "I Am A Child of God" as if they are trying to let the whole world know. I love that after I get them dressed in their clothes they really do try to stay clean. One thing I don't love is putting on their shoes. It probably has something to do with my aversion to wearing shoes (which I'm paying for now, but that's another story). So if anyone loves putting kids' shoes on, c'mon over.
Cade noticed that he and Gavin matched today and wanted me to take pictures. He's a kid after my own heart.
This picture makes me laugh. I probably took 10 pictures in this position but they would not tear their eyes away from Mickey Mouse on the TV. They said "cheese" the whole time, but wouldn't look at me.
My handsome Cade, with his sidekick, Stripes the Lion. (We know he's a tiger, but Cade insists he's a lion. He compromised by naming him Stripes. You should meet Myla's Pig the Lamb. I'll introduce you someday.)
This cute dress came with a matching dress for her doll. Myla was so excited to dress her doll.
The Gavman. He needs no explanation. He's just so darn cute and happy and patient with his mom's flashing camera. (That red spot on his lip isn't a sore, it's a hemangioma. It should disappear in time. He has a bigger one on his tummy too. I tell you because everyone asks if he has a cold sore.)
The whole crew.


The Blakes

You did a FABULOUS job on Myla's dress. My mom always made me and my doll's matching dresses and I'll always have that sweet memory. I noticed how dapper all your kids looked at church today. You do good work!


Cute kids!! Your house looks all decked up for the holidays. Love all the cute outfits. Did you make that dress with the matching doll outfit? Super cute

Julia M.

Your children are beautiful and those pictures make me so happy!