Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Big Man

Last Saturday we went to a very successful ward Christmas PJ breakfast. Kevin and the awesome EQ presidency were in charge and worked their booty's off to make it a good time for all. Everyone had a great time. We ate, sang carols with White Mammoth, and visited with friends. But the highlight for every kid there was when Santa came to visit. Here are some pics of the kids with the big man:
Poor Santa had a hard time getting Gavin to release his beard. We definitely didn't want that to be pulled off. :)
Myla was very hesitant to visit Santa and so Annie, the kids' favorite babysitter, took her up. She finally decided Santa was pretty cool when she saw he was giving her a candy cane.
Cade had no problem sitting on Santa's lap. I think it was the 3000 times we've watched Polar Express this year that helped him feel comfortable with him. :)

Here is Cade imitating Santa Claus when we got home. Ho ho ho!
We wish everyone a very merry Christmas!


Haws Family

Awe, that is SO cute! That looked like such a blast!


Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas full of fun. I love the cute pics.

Julia M.

What darling children! I hope your Christmas was fabulous.

The McMillans

Way to go Kevin, it is hard to pull of a fun party. I love this Santa, he is darling. Your kids are just the sweetest, cutest kids.


Your kids are so cute!! I love those pictures!!

Jennifer Flake

I can't believe Annie is babysitting! I remember her as a SunBeam!

I looks like you guys had such a great Christmas! Good memories!