Wednesday, August 22, 2007


That was my clever attempt at combining Cade and apron...Cadpron. Anyway, I just finished my latest apron. After a short apron slump I got my mojo back and made Cade a reversible Thomas apron (you know, for all the cooking he does). I finished it at 10:00pm and wanted to take pictures, but Cade really wasn't happy about the apron and didn't want to put it on. So I bribed him by putting a piece of candy in the pocket. He then let me take a couple of pictures. He gets it already.
At first he was just merely tolerating me.
But before I knew it he started posing! It was the funniest thing. He put his hands to his cheeks and then on his hips. It was funny.


Blinzinger Family

That is soooo cute! You are so crafty. I need more of that...and more time to learn to do that. LOL. Cade is sooo cute! You have to love the kids for "tolerating" such often picture taking we parents do.

Haws Family

That's funny Christie~ it's like a superman cape only thomas train apron. Wonder if it'll become a favorite toy...

Jill Manning

I dig it, the Cadpron, it sounds so appropriate. I love how you did it and how it turned out. He looks like he should have his tools in hand and heading to the railroad to work on Thomas. So stinkin cute, good job!


You did an awesome job. Cade looks so cute in his cadpron. I love it. You are such a pro.

Jay and Kerry

Have fun with the Cadprons! They're so cute!