Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevy!

Today is Kevin's 28th birthday! Kevin is the best husband and father a person could ask for. Myla adores him and Cade thinks he's the coolest person on the planet. I wholeheartedly agree. Everytime Daddy comes through the door we have a party. For Kevin's birthday we went to lunch together...just the two of us..the kids begging for food or for us to hold them or to get out and run through the restaurant dodging servers and ducking under tables. We were able to have a conversation with no interruptions and take as long as we wanted to eat our lunch. It was heavenly.

This evening we had cake and ice cream. This is Kevin blowing out his candle. Jared Jr and Cade helped him out. He is 28 you know...he does need a little help.
The is a really dark picture of Kevin scarfing his cake down.
A fun little side note. Cade and his cousins, Breck, Emma and Jared played together in Cade's bedroom most of the night. They were really good! We didn't hear from them, except when they made Bradley, Myla or Connor cry by kicking them out of the room. Tonight when I went to change Cade into his PJs I pulled down his pants and his diaper was on backwards! Cade started laughing hysterically. It was so funny. Before I even said anything he started laughing so hard. I asked Kevin if he put Cade's diaper on backwards and he said no. So I asked Cade how he got his diaper on backwards. He said "Breck." Then he giggled some more. It was so funny! It was Cade's first practical joke...with the help of an older cousin. He surely got a kick out of himself. And we did too.


The McMillans

Happy happy birthday to Kevin, we hope it is a great day of reflection, remembrance and lots of eating.

Blinzinger Family

Happy Brithday to Kevin! So nice that you guys got to enjoy a lunch date without kids. (We did that too yesterday night). AND how cute of CADE to be pulling practical jokes. I am sure with you guys as parents he has a great sense of humor.


Happy Birthday Kevin. We had a great time last night. It was so nice of the kids to play without fighting. Okay and that is totally funny about cade and the backwards diaper. Breck and Emma thought that was pretty funny. What jokesters.

The Blakes

Happy day to Kevin! He is such a good neighbor and a great home teacher! (And a talented ninja to boot!)

Jay and Kerry

I'm so sorry! I forgot Kevin's birthday! And here I am trying to be better at that stuff and I miss Kevin's birthday...I'm a retard! Hope you had a good day! Sorry I missed it!

Haws Family

That's so funny about Cade's diaper... I was a little nervous with how quiet they were, but it's like, let them play and deal with the mess later. That night was a lot of fun. Thanks for having us! Happy Birthday again Kevin!

the Picketts

that is such a cute story!! i cant wait till my boys can talk...or can i??