Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun in the Sun

I know I post pics of my kids in their swimming suits a lot...but I just love doing water stuff with the kids and love them in swimming suits! Today we visited the Tempe Town Lake splash of our favorite places.
I mean, come on! Look at those legs. And those cheeks. And that tummy! I could just squeeze her! (And I do.)
Cade and slides...they are his favorite.
This was the first time we've been to the splash park since Myla started walking and she was very brave. She walked into the area where the big kids spray the water at people. She loved it!
This is Cade looking up at a water fountain that was spraying high into the air. He was fascinated by it.
This was the only time I could get them to be in the same area together!


the Picketts

ok christie, that first pic of myla beats all....she is so stinkin adorable i just wanna squeeze her..she has more swimsuits than i do! no fair, i wish you were my mom.

Blinzinger Family

I love the water too! It is one of our favorite places to be. I am so glad Livvy loves the water. The pic of Myla is so adorable. She is such a cutie pie. I can see why you want to squeeze her all the time. As for meeting up sometime when you come to utah (per your post on my blog), that would be great!! Livvy loves friends and it would be great to see you and your family. (Through your blog I feel pretty udpated on your life but nothing beats in person!)

Jill Manning

Can adults go run around at the Splash Park, or is there a height and age requirement? Myla is just too adorable in her swimsuit!

Haws Family

I could just squeeze her too :-) Looks like the park is a lot more fun since both of them get to run around- how cute.


I love babies in swimsuits. Especially Myla she just looks to cute and cabbage patch like. I could just squeeze her too. Cade is so big going down those slides. Looks to fun. : )


There is nobody there. That is awesome - okay we need to go this next week. I feel like the whole summer everytime we went was madness. Let's go! I love that place and then i could squeeze Myla like everyone else on this blog.