Sunday, August 26, 2007

Adventures in Bathtubbing

Myla is such an enthusiastic bath-taker. Whenever she hears the bath water running she rushes in with a look of pure joy on her face. Recently she started just laying down and floating in the water. In fact, it's hard to get any part of her washed because she just wants to lay there and float. I guess her days are pretty rough now, she needs to soak in the tub. Maybe I should dim the lights, get some candles and play soft music. :)

See how happy she is!
Cade has started taking lessons. Before this it was extremely excruiciating to wash his hair--for us that is. He would scream, twist, stand up...anything it took to keep us from washing his hair. But since Myla has started laying back in the water, he decided to join the party. Now hair-washing time is a little more pleasant.
Post-bath pic. Love that wet and wild look. :)
Cade seriously contemplating the hair-washing experience.



I just love bath time. Also love the rubber ducky cover up. : )

Jay and Kerry

Bath time is my favorite! How cute!

The Blakes

Myla is learning the art of relaxation at a young age! I still love to take baths - though I'm no longer partial to rubber duckies.

Haws Family

I love that look on Myla's face in the first pic- CUTIE! Bath time is the best, I don't know if it's because it's almost "mommy time" or if it's because the kids are so much fun!

the Picketts

is that a real rubber ducky??

Skye Lee

That is great! I can't believe that she is so comfortable in the water, wow! Your family is too cute!

The AZ McMillans

The rubber duckies aren't real. They are discreetly photoshopped in. :)

Blinzinger Family

So cute! Livvy loves bathtime too! I seem to enjoy it as well! Probably a combination of watching her have fun and it being almost "Mommy time".


I love the placement of the ducks. Keeps private things private. ha, ha, ha