Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NKOTB Concert

Last night Maren and I went to The New Kids on the Block concert at the arena. My mom gave me tickets to the concert for my upcoming very nice of her! I was never able to see them in concert back in the day, so she made it up to me 18 years later.

I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive about going to this concert. It turned out to be a lot of fun! I'm really glad I went. I was reading the article on about the concert and I had to laugh at this: "The arena was not sold out. The top tier was blacked out with curtains and stretches of empty seats dotted the lower levels. But it felt, and sounded, plenty full. When men are almost totally removed from an audience, the full deafening capacity of women's lungs can truly be appreciated." No kidding! My ears still feel like there is cotton in them--it was so loud--not so much from the music, but from the screaming women. I'm sure there are many voiceless women out there today.

It was fun watching people in the audience. There were some who dressed up like they were from the 80's, some wore their old NKOTB shirts and buttons (no, I did not wear my huge Jon button) and a lot of people made their own shirts. There was even a woman there with her young son who had a shirt on that said, "Joey's love child." We got a kick out of watching the crowd.

So the show opened with a cute blond singer from Jamaica, I don't remember her name. Then Natasha Bedingfield took the stage. She was okay. Then the New Kids finally started. Wow. The arena went crazy. They sang some of their new songs and a lot of their old hits. I was surprised by how many songs they performed. Here are some pics of the show:

Check out Jon wearing an Obama shirt. I had to laugh.

It was a great evening. There was a lot of energy, and it was pretty fun going back in time. I almost felt like I hadn't aged at all. I decided that even after all these years I think Jon is still the cutest--yes, that is the 12 year old coming out in me. :)


Darla Pierre

OMH! I am so jealous! I was a huge fan as a kid!

The McMillans

I am obsessed with how awesome your eyebrows are. They are perfect! I know, random.


FUN FUN. So sad you didn't wear you button j/k.

Heather Bower

That is so funny I can't believe you went to that. Erin and I were just talking about that. I loved them. How fun that you could go to that what a blast.

The Weights

How fun!!! They are definitely making a good comeback!! I think they almost sound better now!