Monday, October 27, 2008

Days 20-26

Did we drop off the face of the earth? It feels like it! Sorry for my inconsistency in keeping up with the 31 Days of October. I'll admit that I haven't been totally keeping up with my schedule, but we have been busy doing some fun Halloween stuff. Here's what we've been up to the past week or so:
We made candy corn sugar cookies. I saw the recipe on The Recipe Girl blog. I love this blog! She's got the greatest ideas! Go here for the recipe. These were really fun to make. The kids devoured them. It was great.

We finally got around to doing the Spooky Laboratory activity that I had planned a couple of weeks ago. Cade loved mixing and matching the monsters and costumes. He played at it for quite some time.
Myla...not so much. She just wanted to watch Dora.

The ward Halloween block party was so much fun! The Haws family and my mom joined us this year.

Myla got her face painted.
Where else can you see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Spiderman and a dinosaur peacefully hanging out?
(Cade, Jared, Connor)
James the Pirate and Cade the TMNT

Rachel the Cutest Ladybug Ever! and Nicki

Grandma Cat with Gavin (who is supposed to be Tigger but it was way too hot)

Who needs fun booths and cotton candy when there is a dirty puddle to splash in?

Cade and Jared

Myla the Ballerina Princess Why are his sad faces so stinkin' cute??
There is one more week of Halloween fun! We will definitely be more diligent as we count down to Halloween. Tonight....pumpkin carving!!



I love seeing all the kids dressed up. They are all so cute! I'm glad to see that you are all well again and back to being able to enjoy your fun filled month! You have some of the cutest things planned out. I am so impressed with your dedication.

Heather Bower

That looks so fun. You have to check out my blog I've been inspired by you to do fun festive halloween stuff this week, check it out. You've inspied me. :)