Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 4 - General Conference & Pumpkin Yummy-ness

Today has been a wonderfully relaxing day. The weather has been beautiful, not that we've gone outside much. We've been laying around the house watching General Conference and munching on yummy food.

In an effort to be able to hear the speakers' talks I printed out a General Conference coloring book. It worked great, for about 3 minutes. That's okay...we enjoyed family time anyway. Click on the picture above to print out a coloring book of your own from the Sugardoodle website.

Dinner was all about the pumpkin--pumpkin chili and pumpkin cornbread. I found these great, simple recipes from The Recipe Girl. Again, click on the photos to go directly to the recipe. The pumpkin chili was awesome. The pumpkin added a little sweetness and creaminess to the chili that I really liked. The only thing I did different to the recipe was add a large can of kidney beans. The recipe doesn't call for any beans, but we enjoy beans in our chili.
The pumpkin cornbread was tasty. It was sweet and spicy like pumpkin cookies, with the heaviness and texture of a cornbread. It was a tad dry and needed butter, but was totally worth it. We like to crumble up our cornbread into our chili and these particular recipes complement each other perfectly. If you want a perfect autumn meal I highly recommend pumpkin chili with pumpkin cornbread. For great presentation, serve the chili inside pumpkin that has been cleaned out.


The Blakes

I think I'll give this a try Monday night for FHE. I keep stealing your fun ideas...I should pay you some kind of royalties. Maybe some corn chowder will do? :)


Glad you enjoyed these! thanks for linking :)