Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 6 - Halloween Masks

Today for our 31 Days of Halloween we colored these cute Halloween masks that I bought at Joann's for $0.50 a piece.
Here is what they looked like before.
Cade making it extra fun by coloring them in with two markers at a time. If I had them we would have used glitter and feathers and other embellishments to jazz them up. Unfortunately, I cleaned out our craft closet last month and threw out a bunch of stuff that we had forever and was just floating around.
Myla is just excited to be using markers! She has been banned from using markers since she usually just uses them as lipstick and eye shadow. :)
Cutest little monsters I've ever seen.


The McMillans

I'm movin in.

Haws Family

Girl you are such an inspiration to fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas, what a wonderful way to keep them busy, learning and having fun!

Blinzinger Family

Those are sooooo cute! I love the activities you are doing and the pics you post of your fun time! I stole the conf. coloring book idea and the apostle cards! And I want to steal many more - between work and school there's not time right now. SO, you may never close or shut down your blog. I need it open forever so I have your Oct. list of activities as a resource for ALWAYS!

Payne Family

You are so creative. I don't know how one person could have so many creative and fun juices running through their body! Anyway, we need to get together for a play date! Email me and we can work something out.