Monday, June 11, 2007

Say What?

Cade's vocabulary has skyrocketed the past couple of weeks and the funniest things have come out of his mouth. Tonight he was reaching across the table for something and I said, "Cade, I see your tummy." He said, "Yeah, Superman in there" as he lifted up his shirt and pointed to his tummy. Kevin and I got a kick out of it and repeated the conversation several times throughout the night.

About an hour later Cade and Kevin were playing with the trainset on the floor and Cade gets a ball, walks next to Kevin, throws the ball and then says, "Go get it goggie (doggie)" to Kevin. We were rolling on the floor laughing.

To Cade, everything is a train track...the seam on his shorts, the black lines in the swimming pool, the median in the road. Every conversation we have with Cade somehow ends up back to train tracks.

Cade makes us laugh. He's so innocent, but so stinkin' funny. When he says something funny that we laugh at he'll say, "Cade's funny." He loves pointing out when things or people are funny. He is so cute!

This is Cade with his mouth full of "bapple" juice. I think he thinks it's his life force or something the way he guzzles it down.


Jay and Kerry

I too love bapple juice! That is so funny! I love Cade! You guys will be getting some presents from us when you go to Tuacahn for Myla and Cade's birthdays! Ron and Lynn should have them for you!

The McMillans

So is he commenting on his tummy because spiderman has an S on his tummy? That is so cute, and by the way, I think Cade just might be spiderman....and Myla is wonderwoman, oh my gosh you guys could be the family of super heroes for Halloween...that would be so cool! Give the Caders a hug from his auntie Aubs. He must have the life force!


How funny, Cade is soooo cute. I just love his little personality.