Saturday, June 23, 2007


I just want to take a moment and bask in the adorableness of my husband and kids. I think the picture below portrays just how adorable they are.

Kevin wanted to find a Supergirl shirt for Myla, but wasn't happy with anything he found. So what does he do? He makes his own of course! He got a pink shirt and pink shorts from Old Navy, designed the logo he wanted in Photoshop, and did an iron-on type thing on it. It turned out so cute! Today while Kevin was dressing Myla in her Supergirl outfit Cade said he wanted a Superman shirt. So Kevin made one for Cade today. Cade was so excited. It's all he talked about. I wanted to get a picture of the two of them, but all they wanted to do was lay down and stare at me. You can't see it but Myla has the little pink supergirl symbol on her shorts too.
And then they just wanted to run away.
So Kevin grabbed them and they had a little Superkid wrestling match! It looks like Myla's holding her own. But Cade loves it...he's just excited she is getting old enough to play with him. I love my family.


The Blakes

Kevin is such an awesome dad! He's always doing something creative and ingenious for those darling kids of yours!


Sounds like Kevin. He is just so creative. Kevin you did an awesome job. Christie I love your headboard, I need to come over and see your bedroom set.


How fun! I heard a rumor that your husband sews too...sounds like he's the SUPER DAD! :)

The McMillans

Your kids are definately super kids! I cannot wait to see them and get Cade to giggle for me. Myla can do just about anything and I will sit in total amazement! Kevin, are the best.