Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Back!

This evening I was in a pretty foul mood as I began grocery shopping at Walmart, of all places. Every time I shop there I tell myself I'm never going to again, but for some reason I keep going back. Tonight, for example, a man looked me over and gave me a suggestive smile and wink everytime I passed him in the aisle, which coincidentally turned out to be almost every aisle. Weirdly, his two daughters and wife were shopping along with him. Then, in the check out line, a loud woman declared that she did not have more than 20 items and should be able to check out in the express lane. I, being curious and somewhat annoyed at the volume of her voice, glanced behind me to look at her cart. It was overflowing. So I turned around and she apparently did not like that I looked at her cart because for the next 15 minutes (that's how long it took the woman in front of me to price check her entire cart) she carried on in a very loud voice about the gringo woman who dissed her cart. I tell you this story because the entire trip to the grocery store would have been a disappointment had I not found this little treasure.

My heart did a little leap when I saw bottles of Vanilla Coke tucked snuggly on the shelf! I don't drink a lot pop, but I fell in love with this when it came out a few years ago and went into a period of serious mourning when Coke pulled it from the shelves and replaced it with a black cherry mocha grape caramel version. So I grabbed two bottles of it and just kept thinking, while the man made lewd gestures and the woman verbally assaulted me, about how in just a few minutes I would be sitting at home drinking my glass of Vanilla Coke. And that's what I'm doing right now.


The McMillans

Yes too I agree that vanilla coke is a necessity in the soda aisle, but I am still waiting for my personal favorite, vanilla Dr. Pepper. Though I have not seen it ever in production, at every chance that I get at the gas station to augment my beverage with the sticky pump bottles of sugary flavor goodness, I endulge myself. Now there sugar lips, its not about how many items in your cart but about how loud and obnoxious you can get, all the while drawing more and more attention to yourself. Remember that you can only make friends if your are noticed, but also keep in mind that not all attention is good.


The McMillans

Listen Gringo!!!! You get back here with your too good for the 20 items or less cart. I will show you how many items I have while I am dragging you to the ground in a delirous, unrespectful, bargains by day cat fight!

Just when I think walmart has everything, I hear stories like this and wonder where the mud pitt is for the fights that occur there. I remember when the fast lane had a 5 item or less sign, then it went to 10, then 15 and now 20...perhaps it's because of women like her who will do anything to make sure they don't have to wait in line. Oh and we are raising children around women like her...bully for us!

Jay and Kerry

Wow...where do people get the audacity to raise their voices to strangers and break the rules and make a spectacle of themselves? I really wonder who raised these people!

The Blakes

Down with Walmart. Trent refuses to go there unless it's an emergency. I'm not a huge fan myself either. Last time I was there, a pile of vomit was on the floor near the entry and it was still there when I left. Ew. I'm glad you survived your shopping trip and that you found a treasure!

Jill Manning

I'm not totally against Walmart, I'll go...I love their 5.50 dvd bin! They have an awesome selection of chick flicks for super cheap there. But I do refuse to go to the one on Main street. That place gives me the creeps! But I love how you told your story, I could see and hear it all in my imagination. I'm glad you got to finally get home and heal from your experience through your Vanilla Coke!


Oh that is hilarious! I feel like I'm white trash when I go to Walmart, but I love the prices. And I don't feel bad when my kids start screaming!


If I have say 5 of the same item does that count as 1 item or as 5? I think it should count as 5. I prefer Pepsi Vanilla over the Coke Vanilla, but it is still quite tasty. I was sad that Pepsi pulled the Vanilla and the Lime stuff from the 2 liters. But I am trying to give it up now so I won't complain that it is not there otherwise it might tempt me more. And I miss shopping at Super Walmart. Even though it is busier and has lots of weird people I thought it was cheaper than other places.