Monday, June 25, 2007

One Little Monkey

Cade has become quite the little monkey, climbing EVERYWHERE! Everywhere I look he's climbing something...the table, the furniture, the entertainment center, the bookshelf, the baby gate (that's now useless!), and just today he climbed into Myla's crib. I know this may sound like it's no big deal and it usually isn't, but today I had a huge scare. I had put the kids down for their naps. They usually talk and play for a little while before they fall asleep. About 30 minutes later I heard an unusual cry come from Myla, one I had never heard before. It wasn't loud so I was tempted to just leave her alone, but felt like I should go. I rushed downstairs and Cade was in her crib, laying on top of her and her little face was smushed into the mattress. He wasn't trying to hurt her, he thought he was playing. Boy was I frantic. I pulled Cade out of her crib and threw him into his own bed, all the while shouting (sorry Beka if I disturbed you guys!). Poor Myla was just sobbing. Cade was crying (I really scared him with the shouting--I try not to yell). It was quite the scene. Cade doesn't mean to hurt Myla. He is a sweet, sweet brother. He loves her kisses and hugs, takes care of her when she falls down, shares his toys (for the most part). So this kind of thing doesn't scare me in the "Cade wants to kill his sister" sense, but it does concern me in the "Cade has no idea how much is too much" sense. How do I teach him that? Oh why didn't these kids come with a manual?! So, all my blogging friends, any wisdom to share?

(These pics were taken last year at Kevin's brother's wedding. Kevin's mom got Cade and Aiden little tuxes. They were so cute in them. This is Cade playing outside the reception.)


The McMillans

A mom like you doesn't need listen to that internal voice that tells you to check on your kids. You adapt to the changes of your children, and are ready to learn from are wonderful. These are the things that make parenting so hard, and thanks to you, you open the door for women to talk in a productive, solution oriented, non judgemental, non competative way!!! I had a monkey myself, and it was just a phase, hang in there, and just be on your toes! I understand completely.


The Blakes

So scary, but I don't think you've done anything wrong. The spirit obviously prompted you to get there in time, so really, you are in good shape. You are such a good momma!


the scary thing is i can see that happening in a year or so over i guess i need to pay attention to the 'still small voice'...i love those pics of Cade...he's such a cutie, and congrats on myla she can find her own way over to her boyfriends house:)

Jay and Kerry

You are so cute! I would've freaked out completely! I guess it's time for Jerry rigging things so he doesn't get into trouble! Ha ha! That'll be fun! Good luck!


How scary!! I don't know how I would have reacted in a situation like that. I would have been so terrified. That bottom pic. of Cade is so cute. He looks like he could be in a wedding magazine. I love that you were totally saying sorry to the neighbors. Those walls are so thin. I remember how many times your bro. in law would come knock on our door to see what we were up to. Sorry we were the loud neighbors even before we had kids.