Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shhhh Mommy!

Kevin is the master of sound effects, voices, and accents and the kids love it! (My personal favorite is the Scottish accent he does.) He can sound like gorillas, dinosaurs, even Gollum from Lord of the Rings. You name it, he'll probably be able to do it. Cade loves to imitate him. At the dinner table the other day Cade and Kevin were making animal noises, so I decided to join in on the fun. So I made a sound that I thought sounded like a dinosaur. Apparently I didn't because Kevin just laughed at me and Cade said, "Shhhhh Mommy!" I guess making sound effects is an exclusive two person club here at the McMillan house.

PS See the ugly cabinets behind Kevin and Cade in the picture? I want to paint them...soon. Any cute ideas on colors? Right now the walls in the kitchen are white, but I am totally up for painting those too.



We are a big fan of Kevin's sound effects. My kids think Uncle Kevin is the coolest. I like Kevin's dinosaur, where he runs around like the dinosaur. It is so funny. Anyways about the cabinets, I can be a little bold with colors sometime but I like a white wash white or black(I have seen black and it is way cute but might be to dark for your house) or I love the blue cabinets on the show King of Queens. I am in that situation to with my cabinets. I am thinking maybe a cream but don't know. Sorry so long. Talk to ya later.


Christie -- can you show me how to change my heading banner? I really want to learn more about this digital scrapbooking thing. Can you help? Thanks!!! :)

Oh, with the cabinets, I've always seen on HGTV when they attach 4 pieces of wood to frame the cabinets and paint over so it looks really professional. I'm a sucker for red, but I don't know what your other house colors are.

Jill Manning

Hey Chrisite---okay I am with Stacey on this one, how did you do your header? I think I have one designed that I want to use but I don't know if it will work or how to get on my blog! HEEEEELP! I want to be cool like you!

The Blakes

Look what I started! Hope you don't hate me for telling everyone you helped me out!

What if you extend your blue and white theme into the kitchen. You could paint the cupboards white, distress them, and add some blue paint to the walls? Just a thought!

The McMillans

I personally like the Gollum. Growing up I read the Hobbit books every year and still try to wipe the dust back from each page and read it time and again. But, Kevin is the master....not in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that this very mellow human being could become live theater in front of my eyes. I am curious how boys master sound effects so soon. And girls simply do not have the skills. I am going to look into my voice pedagogy books and see if there is a logical reason why we women will never master the sound of a crashing car coming to a screaching halt. I am with you, I cannot make one sound that even resembles something my son or husband can do.....SHH to me too!

Blinzinger Family

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your BLOG!! And I love that you keep it udpated so often. It's so fun to read what you are up to and what mommmyhood is bringing you. You seem to be enjoying it like I am too.
So you have a hubby that does sound effects too eh? I love my hubby's ability to do sound effects - it's a very handy talent to have when it comes to entertaining Livvy (or myself). Anyway, thanks again for keeping your blog up. It is great and I love the suggestions you post (digital scrapbooking and the movie making site).