Sunday, September 27, 2009

31 Days Has October: 2009 Edition

October is coming! We love October around here. I think it might be our favorite month of the year. Remember last year how we did 31 Days of October? Basically we did a Halloween/Fall themed activity every day of the month. It was a lot of fun! Because I had it planned out ahead of time we actually did most of the activities. So I decided it'd be fun to do it again. Here is the 2009 edition of 31 Days of October. I'm posting this a couple of days ahead of time in case you want to do it with us and need to stock up on a few supplies. I tried to plan the activities that I could do with stuff I already have around the house or very inexpensive. Some of the activities are the same as last year because they are tradition around here. But there are also some fun new activities to try! Most of the activities are linked to the website where I found directions. I'd love to hear about it if you do some (or all!) of these.

October 1 - Glitter Pumpkins
October 2 - Gluey Ghosts
October 3 - General Conference activity
October 4 - General Conference activity
October 5 - Caramel Apple Monsters
October 6 - Pumpkin candy necklace
October 7 - Spooky Jello Jigglers
October 8 - Milk Jug Pumpkins
October 9 - Halloween coloring pages for NM Trip
October 10 - Sucker ghosts
October 11 - Witch color sheet
October 12 - Visit the library and check out Halloween/Fall theme books
October 13 - Read Julius Candy Corn by Kevin Henkes and do candy corn activity
October 14 - Jack-o-lantern pizzas
October 15 - Ghost Cookies
October 16 - Mr. Pumpkin Head
October 17 - Halloween cookie decorating
October 18 - Halloween Bingo
October 19 - Pumpkin bowling
October 20 - Yummy Mummy Treat Cups
October 21 - Ghostly Shepherds pie
October 22 - Rice Krispy treat pumpkins
October 23 - Paper Mache pumpkins
October 24 - Jack-o-lantern craft
October 25 - Witch Craft
October 26 - Carving Pumpkins
October 27 - Roasting pumpkin seeds
October 28 - Dinner in a Pumpkin
October 29 - Halloween Hand
October 30 -Halloween shape lunch and costume dress rehearsal
October 31 - Trick-or-Treating!!



I love this idea, I'll have to bookmark this idea and use it next year when the twins are a little older.


We've done glitter pumpkins for a few years now - I'm not brave enough to do it with the kids but I love having them in the house for the entire season. I'm sure we'll be borrowing lots of ideas from you this year!


Love your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

the Picketts

i was looking back at pics of the tie-dye shirts we did last year and wondering if you were gonna do it again this year! we should do some together again! i love all yoru ideas!

Heather Bower

Oh I'm so excited to try these... Yeppie I love your 31 Days of Oct. stuff.