Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who's that Kid?

The other day I finally cut Gavin's hair for the first time. I didn't want to. In fact, I put it off and off and off, until I decided that when he starts brushing his hair out of his eyes it's time to chop. I just loved the little curls at his neck. Oh well....

So I broke out the clippers, let him feel it for a minute to get used to it and buzzed away! He did such a great job...didn't cry or try to push my hand away or move his head around a lot. I think he was fascinated with the buzzing.
Who knew that under all that hair there was such a blondie?! When Kevin came home he didn't even recognize him. He thought, at first, that we had our nephew Bradley over.
He looks all grown he aged suddenly.
I love his pointing. He points out all kinds of things: birds, dogs, airplanes, bunny-shaped benches at the school Cade goes to, Daddy, Cade and Myla.
So sweet! I do love it though. His blond hair with those beautiful dark eyes...sweet combination.



Cute...I hope he never starts hating the buzzer.

The Blakes

He does look older! So handsome!

the Picketts

i love his haircut! i didnt want to buzz my boys heads the first time either cuz they had such pretty thick hair, but they really do look so much more handsome with it cut! so handsome!

The MacMizzles

He is just gorgeous!!! He is so big, I can't believe it.


he does!!! looks so big. sniff sniff. they grow so fast.

Jill Manning

What a handsome devil!