Monday, September 29, 2008

31 Days Has October

October is one of our most favorite months, coming in second to December. Even though the temperature may still hit in the triple digits, the mornings and nights are much cooler and the smell of fall is in the air. Halloween decorations emerge. Moods are cheerier and baked-goods are yummier. We get to be inspired by watching General Conference. I celebrate my birthday. We carve pumpkins, eat candy, and dress-up. What is there not to love about October?! In celebration of this month, the kids and I will be doing a fun activity everyday. The planned activities are listed below. I thought that if I planned them all now then I wouldn't have any excuses. The kids love creating and I love helping them create. Most of the projects require supplies I already have here at the house, so I don't need to buy additional items. I linked several of the craft projects and recipes to the sites where I found them. I'll be blogging our fun everyday. Feel free to join us!

Oct 6 - Halloween masks

Oct 7 - Read Halloween books together

Oct 10 - Halloween cut-out sandwiches

Oct 12 - The Great Pumpkin Cake for Webb family dinner

Oct 13 - Jello Halloween molds

Oct 14 - Spooky Laboratory

Oct 15 - Pumpkin Magnets

Oct 17 - Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins

Oct 18 - Make a Halloween puzzle

Oct 19 - Ghost suckers and Dinner in a Pumpkin

Oct 23 - Spider Pops

Oct 25 - Halloween Block Party

Oct 27 - Pumpkin Carving

Oct 28 - Visit Mother Nature's Farm

Oct 29 - Halloween cookie decorating

Oct 30 - Paint-a-pumpkin

Oct 31 - Halloween Theme Lunch and Trick-or-Treating!



Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff planned. I may steal some of the ideas.

The Blakes

Holy cow! I just spent a half an hour perusing all the sites. Thanks for the links! So many fun ideas!

the Picketts

wow, you are gonna be super busy! good ideas, to keep your kids busy and happy, maybe we will stop by one day:)

Heather Blinzinger

How fun! Thank you for posting all the links. Although I doubt I will get to all of them, I will definitely do some with Livvy. She'll love it.


Hey Christie, if you need a back up or extra activity - this is one of my favorite kid sites


Love all the fun ideas!! You are such a fun mom!!
Cade and Myla are gonna have so much fun.
I just might have to copy some of those ideas.

The Earls

What a fun month! Looks like great stuff. I'll have to steal some ideas. I don't have your email, but I sent some fun stuff for the kids to do for conference to Nicki. Have her send it to you or give me your email if you're looking for more stuff.

Haws Family

I think I'll be joining in on some of these activities, they look really fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Jill Manning

What great ideas. You are such an amazing mom!! What a great month for festivities and activities!!!

Heather Bower

You're so cute, what fun ideas, I'll have to do some of them. Not 31 of them but some. I wish I could pull them all off but I might loose my mind. Just kidding.