Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Dino-Mite Birthday!

Cade is officially five years old! He has been talking about this day since he turned four. Cade loves all things dinosaur and wanted a dinosaur party. This was so much fun to put on!

Cade helped get ready for the party by coloring dinosaur pictures that we hung on the wall. He also got all of his dinosaur toys out to put up all over the front room as decorations.Each friend that came got to choose a dinosaur mask and we gave him a dinosaur name. Cade was Cadeceratops.

And here is Gavinosaurus.
Dino Cupcakes (I got this really cute digital dinosaur scrapbook kit from here that I made the invites and cupcake picks from. After everyone chose their mask and dino name, we gave them a sticker sheet to create their own dinosaur scene! They all did a great job and were so proud of their scenes.

Then it was time for some fun dinosaur races. Here is the Prehistoric Dad telling them the rules.

I wish I got some shots of them racing. (I had a little one year old running toward the street.)They did each race acting like a different type of dinosaur: a walking dino, a flying dino, a four-legged dino. It was so fun to watch.

Then came the highlight of the party: The Dino Dig. We buried a bunch of dinosaur bone toys in the dirt, gave the kids their own shovel and rake, and let them be little paleontologists. Dirt was flying everywhere, up noses, in eyes, down shirts. It was great fun. And a great way to end the party!

Cade is such a blessing to our family. He is such a compassionate boy and always wants to help. He loves on his brother and takes great effort to include him. Myla and Cade share a room and spend hours laughing, playing and, lets be honest, fighting. It warms my heart to watch their bond. He is blossoming in his Pre-K program. He loves his teachers and talks about his new friends all the time. We are so proud of Cade and love him very much!


The MacMizzles

I conquer, Cade is a really great kid. And boy, does he have some really great parents. That party looked fun! Happy birthday Cade!