Friday, November 21, 2008

My Sweets

Just a few pics that warm my heart:
Some Daddy time.

Cade is obsessed with this "lion." He told me I had to take a picture of it with him and Gav.
Myla and Cade are really best buds. They love each other. It's the sweetest thing to hear them playing and out of the blue Myla will say, "I lub you Cade." And Cade will say, "I love you too, Myla."


Heather Bower

I love pictures like that. The ones that are just extras that are so cute and fun, that when you look at them your heart litterally melts and you remember why you love being a mommy. :)

Jennifer Greer

That what my bed looks like when I sleep. Instead of kids toys it laundry I need to fold, church clothes, towels, hair ties, hangers, jewlery, books, book marks...etc! All surrouding my head. These pictures put a big smile on my face. Lil' Gav is so handsom


All of your kids are adorable...but, Cade looks EXACTLY how I remember Kevin looking as a little boy. So sweet. Kevin was THE BEST kid ever.

The McMillans

Okay, I was really excited to see you all, and then these pictures made me exuberant about seeing you.


Haws Family

They are so sweet! I love the toys in the bed- it's so fun to find things after they go to sleep. Jared and Connor do the same thing- Connor with the 'obsessed toy of the month' and Jared with his x-box :-) J/K