Monday, May 5, 2008

Kid Time

This is Cade two years ago doing some edible fingerpainting (pudding and food coloring).
My poor kids. We used to do fun things together, but lately PBS and Disney have become their best friends and I have been content to lay on the couch and watch them watch the TV. I can blame it on the pregnancy and probably get away with it, but it doesn't take away the nagging guilt I feel when I look at the clock and see that it's noon and the TV has been on for four hours. So, in my desire to stimulate Cade and Myla in other ways I have found some awesome websites/blogs that allow me and the kids to be creative, in easy and cheap ways. I just wanted to to share a few.

(A Children's Craft Collective)

(The title says it all!)

(If you get the magazine you know that it is a great resource. The website has even more info.)

(Also great for church helps.)

(Great ideas!)

(Ideas and Crafty Tidbits)


Haws Family

I've been able to look at some of those blogs- they're so cute! Thanks for sharing, such great ideas!

The McMillans

You are such a good mom.

The Earls

You're not alone! I feel the same way sometimes too. I'm just glad it's warm enough outside here that they can play out there now instead of me feeling guilty about having the tv on all day.


Fun websites, thanks for sharing.

Jay and Kerry

That's so cool that you are finding ways to be creative! You are such a great mom!

Blinzinger Family

Hey Christie. Just from the fun things on your blog, I don't think you need to worry. I think all of us mom's go through periods like that. (At least I have). Thank you for posting your great finds! I hope to use them too.
AND, Happy Mother's Day!


Your such a slacker... wait. so am I. I'm defiantely in good comapny. You will return to the Queen of Everything when Baby Mc enters the world. Don't worry that energy will come back and if it doesn't we'll get a prescription for whatever Abbey is on.

Ron & Lynn McMillan I'm a little late responding. Just thinking about you guys as the "Mothers Day" reflections have family on my mind. Moms are so hard on is such an exhausting and exhilarating job- but its really okay to cut yourself some slack when you need to hang on a couch for a few hours :) You are such a wonderful mother...and it is reflected in the beautiful children that you have created ! We love you guys ...can't wait to see you in a few weeks with that new little mcmillan too