Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Rain

It's raining. Right now. As I type. The windows are open so I can feel the breeze and smell the rain. It's been awhile since it's rained here. It's a nice treat.
I know that blogs about weather are fairly boring. But especially for those of you not living in AZ, the weather this week has been C-R-A-Z-Y! This past Monday (as in 3 days ago) it was a blazing 110 degrees. Today the forecasted high is 85 (although it's 1:00 and only 73 degrees). And tomorrow the forecasted high is 72 degrees. The high! 72 degrees! That's almost a 40 degree drop in high temperatures in 5 days. Insane. But I'll take it. We do insane pretty well around the McMillan house.


The McMillans

DITO! It rained here today as well, and I loved it so much. And we have had insane weather here. Love it.

Haws Family

Oh man it's been gorgeous! I'll definitely take this weather- in fact I'd take it 365 days a year... which is why Jared wants to go to Washington. It's created a cool relaxing and yummy spell in our house. My doors are open too!

Jennifer Flake

Brandon heard that it SNOWED in Show Low today!...only a little but's MAY! I agree...the weather is definately weird lately!

Jill Manning

It rained a little here too and I was out running errands and wanted to get to a computer and blog about it because it made me so happy. I love the rain so much especially when it doesn't happen a whole lot!


I am loving this weather and never want it to end. I thought I almost had to bring out the sweaters again. It is so beautiful!!