Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unique Tag

The rules are: 1. answer questions from your blog list of friends and family. 2. If you don't have 18 names on your list you can pick a name for the last question.

*When did you meet the first person on your list? Redge was my brother's best friend in high school and is Jamie's brother. I met him in high school and met Saralyn after James and Jamie got married.

*What do you like about the 3rd person on your list? Heather was a Spanish speaking missionary in my mission. We were both new together and hit it off then. Our trainers sent us together to go tracting in an all-Jewish retirement community. It was quite a learning experience. :) She is so sweet! I'm so glad we keep in touch.

*What do you like best about the 5th and 6th person on your list? Maren is so creative and so fun! She gets me, which I really appreciate. She is so open-minded and compassionate. I am really glad we became friends. Taryn was my college roommate and one of the nicest people I know. I have so many wonderful memories of Taryn. She has a great sense of humor and is very loving. She has a beautiful family.

*How long have you known the 9th person on your list? We met the Duggers when we first moved into our about 5 years ago. They moved about a year later, but we recently found each other's blogs and keep in touch that way.

*What impresses you about the 11th & 12th person on your list? The Haws family (my sister) are awesome. Their kids love each other so much and are so sweet. Jared and Nicki would give you the shirt off their back. My kids adore Uncle Jared and Aunt Nicki. They are wonderful people. Alisa and Jake are my cousins. They always have such good attitudes and seem to accomplish the things they set their minds to.

*What is a memory with the 16th person on your list? Missy was my companion in the MTC and then again out in the mission field in West Palm. We always had so much fun together and really worked well together. We tortured the Elders, sang in harmony (her better than me), laughed a lot and worked hard. One of my favorite memories of Missy was getting $1 Happy Meals from McDonalds and driving to the beach to watch the ocean (from our car) as we ate.

*Say something nice about the 18th person on your list? The 18th person on my list is Maren's preschool and since I already said something nice about her (hey, how many times do I have to be nice--hee, hee) we'll do the Meaders. The Meaders' are Kevin's good friends from high school and it's awesome that they have kept in touch. The few times I met them they were very nice and a lot of fun. Kevin says about them, "They are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up."

I tag Jill, Taryn, Missy, and Aubrey...if you want to. No pressure. :)


Haws Family

Wow, it's not everyday you go to check out a blog and you get such sweet compliments- thank you Chris! We love you too! It's a fun tag- I always wondered who everyone is on your list... that's neat that you get to keep in such good contact with your fellow missionaries- how fun!

Jill Manning

Holy Cow, what a fun tag...I can't wait to do it!

Jay and Kerry

Wasn't that fun? I love going through and thinking of great compliments for your friends! Awww, memories! :)

The McMillans

This really is a fun tag. I am more than happy to do it! I will for sure. You have a nice full life with lots of friends. You are like a positive magnet in the world. Attracting wonderful people to you.