Friday, May 23, 2008

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

so what do the McMillans do to amuse ourselves? We go "climbing" of course (well, Kevin and the kids do anyway). This is our version of extreme sports. We have a storage area up in our room above the closet and bathroom that has become the "rock wall." Kevin makes harnesses out of rope for the kids. Kevin has taught Cade how to clip in to the carabiner and say, "On belay" and "Belay on" to get ready to climb. (I think that's how you spell it. I'm not up-to-date on the climbers lingo.)
Kevin hoisting Cade up.
Myla helping Daddy pull Cade up.
Cade is looking at himself in the mirror. He loves doing this.
He even likes to rappel up the wall.
Myla got her first turn last night. Kevin had to put a pair of his socks on her legs to keep the rope from chafing her legs.
So, of course, Cade had to put on a pair of Daddy's socks too. So stylish!
Myla trying to get the hang of holding on to the rope. They did it! They made it to the top.

Kevin is a pretty creative dad. This is an activity I would never have thought of, but the kids love it.


The Weights

WOW!! They are going to be pros at this!!! I love that Kevin came up with this and is showing them the how to use the equipment and everything!! How fun!!
I especially love the socks!!!

Jennifer Flake

I am so impressed! Seriously! That looks so fun!

Julia M.

That looks like an absolute blast! I hope we can have that kind of fun when we have children. You two are the best parents.


Wow, total fun at your house. What a fun dad. I am loving the socks. : )

The McMillans


Kevin, may I have a turn? I prefer polka dot socks.


OK, not only is this something I never would have thought of, it's also something I'm way too anal to allow. Kudos for you guys for choosing fun times above all!

Haws Family

LOL- Oh my gosh- THAT'S SO GREAT! Wow- cuddo's Kev...(I'm clapping) cuddos! I must admit that I never thought of doing that when we had a duplicate of your bedroom. I especially love that Kevin has a harness on to... so realistic! That's so fun! Can I come over and play?

the Picketts

how funny! what a great dad!

The McMillans

I would also like to add how much Mila looks like a pro at this.

Your children are so cute...I shall squeeze both of their cheeks as only an aunt can.

The Earls

Holy cow! I would have never thought to do that INSIDE! How fun, looks like the kids love it.


How fun and creative! You got a great hubby!


Belay on!

Jay and Kerry

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging's been crazy since I started my job last week and I promise I will be better at it. I'm glad that you guys are having all sorts of fun in cool ways like rockclimbing at home! Congrats to Cade for graduating preschool! I love you all!