Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Lil' Graduate

Today Cade graduated from Miss Maren's Monkeys Preschool.
The kids performed songs they learned in class. Actually, Cade just stood there with his fingers in his mouth while everyone else sang. It was pretty funny.
Cade and Seth waiting for the program to begin.
Cade receiving his diploma, yearbook and a great big hug from Miss Maren.
Cade, the graduate.
It was an especially great day because Daddy was able to come!
The McMillan FamilyCute Cade
We want to send out a huge thank you to Maren (aka. Mimi, BFF, apron dork). She is adored by everyone in the McMillan family. She is so patient and loving with these kids. They all know she loves them and they can't wait to see her and spend time with her. We are so glad she was Cade's first teacher. We have seen awesome growth in him this year that Kevin and I attribute to Maren and her preschool. He can write his name, he knows his letters, numbers, and shapes and the sounds to all the letters of the alphabet. He loves to learn and sing songs and read books together. He has made great friends at preschool and is constantly talking about James, Seth, Jace, and Elliot. He now knows how to burp on command, stick out his tongue when taking pictures, and throw up bumble bees. Most importantly, we've watched Cade come out of his shell and become his own little person. Thanks Miss Maren!


Julia M.

Hooray for Cade! What a fun day. It sounds like his life has really been enriched by Miss Maren and the other boys. How fun to see your son learn so much. That's awesome!

The McMillans

That is the sweetest thing in the whole world. IT makes me joyful and sad seeing all the activity. Joyful that he is such a great, happy child, and sad that we are missing so much of it.

Congrats smarty pants Cade! We love you!

Haws Family

Awe- how fun! Yeah Cade! It's amazing how much and how fast he's grown. That's neat he can write his name!


Oh Cade is growing up. He looks so much older in those picture now. Wow what preschool can do to a 3 year old. He is such a smarty pants. Love that kiddo.


I didn't teach him the burping thing... oh wait. i forgot about Miss Myla's doll. Nevermind. I thought I could pass it off to my son or a class full of boys. Well, maybe next year we will shoot for more refinement! Cade was a joy to have in my class and my "smarty party pants" brightest student. Thanks for coming to Miss Maren's Elite preschool for the overly gifted OR just plain cute!